Heading : For what, Google Doodle is celebrating traditional French sports, Pétanque?

Google keeps launching a lot of programs, games in the form of quizzes, and a lot more to keep its users engaged. This is also done to provide them with some memorable experiences with Google. Recently, Google launched a programme in which it’s celebrating the French sport of pétanque with a special interactive Doodle.

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On Sunday 31st July, Google launched the French outdoor game of pétanque with a unique interactive Doodle.

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Users may compete online against friends or random players from across the world by clicking their mouse and casting their boules. Browse till the end to find out all about it.

What is pétanque?

The term “pétanque” eventually developed from the original word “pieds tanques,” which means “feet planted.” Pétanque is basically a boules sport which is popular in many European nations and in the former French African and Asian colonies too.

Its origins may be traced back to the Ancient Greeks, who used flat stones and then stone balls to play their own games. The fundamental rules of the games were developed by Romans, before it was introduced in France.

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Earlier, a type of boules called jeu provencal, which gained popularity in the late 19th century, featured players rolling their boules or taking three steps before tossing them.

For his friend Jules Lenoir, who suffered from severe arthritis, cafe owner Ernest Pitiot modified the game’s rules by removing the running component.

Pitiot had the players hurl their boules while standing still and cut the length of the playing field nearly in half.

The game’s rules are still straightforward: during a number of rounds, players throw, toss, or toll their metal boules in an effort to finish closest to the target boule; the first team to get 13 points wins.

The game involves several strategies. One among them is “shooting”. Shooting is a strategy where players aim to knock their opponents’ boules out of the path of the target.

Typically played on hard soil or gravel, pétanque is a common sight in French town squares. It may, however, also be played on specific grounds called boulodromes.

Despite being mostly associated with leisure, the sport also has international competitions amongst the greatest players in the world. This includes the Mondial La Marseillaise of France and many others.

Guide to play Google doodle’s Pétanque :

The Google Doodle allows you to interact with a group of humanistic olives as they play pétanque while listening to charming music. Note that it can be muted if it becomes too annoying.

Once the rules are displayed,players will get the option to enter a baguette boulodrome. After that, they can compete against friends or random opponents online.

Similar to the real-life game, the controls are straightforward, with participants using the mouse to drag and aim their throw towards the target. However, it’s somewhat addictive, so have control of yourself if you have a busy schedule.

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