In a starling video, Hamas abuses abducted Israeli youngsters. Watch

A horrifying new video produced by Hamas shows the terrorist group’s armed members holding and playing with kidnapped Israeli youngsters and newborns. The films appears to be an attempt to give a nice image of how Hamas treats its hostages.

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The video depicts six guys in military uniforms and vests, their faces obscured, in what appears to be a typical residence. They can be seen caressing and cradling the little hostages, who are all under the age of five.

One of the males is holding a baby and a rifle in one arm. Another man is dressed in a balaclava and a green headband, with a child in each arm. He addresses the camera in Arabic.

Kidnapping children during conflict is regarded as one of the most heinous war crimes by the world community. It is one of the UN’s six “grave violations” that it condemns, along with other crimes such as targeting hospitals or schools and recruiting child soldiers.

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Thousands of pamphlets were dropped in Gaza by Israel, asking residents to “leave immediately.” However, Hamas warned its citizens to disregard the warnings and “remain steadfast in your homes,” as well as “stand firm in the face of this disgusting psychological war.”

During its surprise strike on Israel last Saturday, Hamas is thought to have abducted at least 150 captives and returned them to Gaza. There are an unknown number of Americans among them.

On Friday morning, Israel issued a warning to the nearly 1.1 million Palestinians living in the northern Gaza Strip, encouraging them to evacuate within 24 hours in preparation for a possible ground invasion to battle Hamas terrorists.

The death toll in Israel has increased to 1,300, including 27 Americans, with an additional 1,900 killed in Gaza.

Axpert Media does not support terrorism. We believe in world peace. Rising nations like India can play an important role in bringing Israelis and Palestinians peace. What’s your opinion about this war write it in the comments.

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