In Uttarakhand, The Number Of Dengue Cases Has Surpassed 3000

    The number of dengue cases in Uttarakhand has surpassed 3,000, with over 1,000 cases confirmed in Dehradun alone, and an additional 736 cases reported in Pauri district. The state registered 59 new cases on Friday, increasing the total for Uttarakhand to 3,046, with the capital, Dehradun, accounting for 1,023 instances.

    Following Pauri, Haridwar reported 500 instances, followed by Nainital (489 cases) and Udham Singh Nagar (98). Thirteen of the 16 documented fatalities in Uttarakhand happened in the capital, with three occurring in Nainital.

    “The virus has an incubation period of 4-14 days,” said Dr Pankaj Singh, the state’s nodal malaria officer. “The cases currently testing positive would have been exposed to it a few days earlier.” The season is predicted to end between October 15-20, and the number of cases has already begun to fall.”

    In Uttarakhand, The Number Of Dengue Cases Has Surpassed 3000, Axpert Media

    Officials also stated that the virus’s potency has already decreased. “The peak occurred during a period of high temperatures and high humidity.” As temperatures continue to fall, the strains being reported are less lethal’, Singh noted.

    However, officials are encouraging the public to exercise caution and continue to take all essential precautions until the dengue season is officially over.

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    The number of dengue cases recorded this year is the largest since 2019 when over 10,000 cases were reported. According to department sources, they “anticipated high numbers this year as well.” Nonetheless, methods such as establishing micro containment zones and instituting source isolation have been beneficial in addressing the issue. These tactics will be used again in the following years, according to officials.

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