Internet Reacted Angrily To Rahul Gandhi’s Flying Kiss In Parliament

Rahul Gandhi blasted a flying kiss as he exited the Lok Sabha, eliciting mixed reactions on social media.

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Rahul Gandhi made his first address in Lok Sabha after being reinstalled as an MP on August 9. He did not stay in the House to hear the answer, however, since he had a scheduled function in Rajasthan at 3 p.m. He exited the Lok Sabha with a move reminiscent of his iconic embrace and wink during the previous no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration in 2018. Rahul Gandhi is said to have blown a flying kiss as he exited the building.

Union Minister Smriti Irani, along with numerous BJP MPs, raised strong concerns to Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s purported flying kiss gesture at BJP MPs in the Lok Sabha. Although the event was not caught on video, it is said to have happened as Rahul Gandhi was exiting the Lok Sabha after giving a speech on the Manipur no-confidence vote.

Without naming Rahul Gandhi, Smriti Irani condemned the conduct, saying, “Only a misogynistic man could demonstrate the gesture of a flying kiss towards female parliamentarians.” This behaviour sheds insight on his ancestors and indicates the attitude his family and party have towards women.” Smriti Irani stated that such conduct has never occurred in the country’s Parliament before. According to HT, the BJP has questioned the acceptability of the behaviour, labelling it as “chichora type behaviour.”

This legislative episode has gone viral on TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, and Facebook. Here are some of the varied comments it elicited from netizens on these various platforms: some were humorous, featuring memes, while others decried the act, claiming it violated the parliament’s code of behaviour.

X’s (formerly Twitter’s) responses

On Twitter, several people have created memes that hilariously mimic the episode, while others have expressed their displeasure with such legislative behaviour. Some people have even questioned if such behaviour is proper for an elected official, believing that it may jeopardise the institution’s decorum.

Reactions on Reddit

Reddit is also humming with discussion over this occurrence. Several discussion threads have formed, with members discussing their thoughts on this unusual incident. Disagreements range from those who find it humorous to those who see it as an indication of a deterioration in professionalism in Indian politics.

Reactions on YouTube and Instagram

Several YouTube channels have posted news snippets and commentary about this occurrence. At the same time, Instagram users have embraced the incident’s comedy with sarcastic photos and memes embellished with appropriate hashtags.

Reactions on TikTok, Telegram, and Facebook

In line with recent viral trends, TikTok users actively participated by reenacting the flying kiss moment or creating light-hearted short movies inspired by the occurrence. Smriti Irani’s video has spread quickly on Facebook and Telegram, accompanied by a variety of viewpoints and discussion on this unusual incident.

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