IPL 2023 Points Table with Team Rankings and Standings

IPL Points Table 2023, including current team standings and rankings, total wins, losses, and points after every game played this year. Each club plays 14 matches, with the top four teams qualifying for the IPL Playoffs based on the points table below.

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The IPL Points Table is built on the ICC System, with each side receiving two points for a win during the group stages. In the event of a tie during the playoffs, the victor will be determined by a super over. After each match, the IPL 2023 Points Table displays the winners, losers, total points, and net run rate.

All teams play 14 matches, with the top four teams advancing to the playoffs and finals.

The teams were split into two groups: Group A and Group B. !4 Matches will be played by 10 teams (7 at home and 7 away), for a total of 70 league matches, followed by four playoff matches.

Each team will 2 times, once with the other teams in their group and once with the team in the next row in the second group. They will only play once during the season with the rest of the opponents in the second group.

Synopsis: What is the IPL points table?

How does the IPL Points Table function in 2023?

The IPL points table 2023 displays the current IPL statistics as well as updated IPL team rankings for all ten clubs competing in the 2023 Indian Premier League. The team with the most wins and points is at the top of the standings. This is a detailed breakdown of what happens at the points table at the time of the league stage and what happens subsequently at the IPL playoffs:

League stage

  • If the points are the same, the team that has the most victories will be ranked higher.
  • If two teams have the same number of points and victories, the team with the greater net run rate will be rated higher.
  • If the scores remain level, the team with the most wickets gained per fair ball delivered in the matches in which the outcomes were attained would be ranked first.
  • If the scores remain identical, the team rank will be decided by drawing lots.

Play-off matches

  • If any of the Final, Knockout, Qualifier 1, or Qualifier 2 matches are tied or there is no winner, the following rules will apply.
  • To determine the champion, teams will play in a Super Over.
  • If the conditions do not allow for a Super Over within the time allotted, or if the Super Over is tied, the side that placed higher in the League table at the end of the relevant Season shall be declared the victor of the relevant play-off match.

How does the 2023 IPL Points Table work?

The IPL points table 2023 displays the current IPL standings as well as the most recent IPL team standings for all eight clubs. The team with the most wins and points is at the top of the standings. At the group stage, each of the ten teams plays 14 matches, and 4 of these teams qualify for the play-offs stage, where they compete in qualifiers, eliminators, and the championship match.

A victory earns each team two points. In the scenario of a no-result or a draw, both teams receive one point. Following 14 matches, the top four teams advance to the playoffs and championships. When two or more teams have equal points, the club with the greater net run rate moves up the standings.

Important Note: In 2023, two additional clubs will join the IPL, bringing the total to ten. With the addition of two more clubs, each team will now play 18 matches rather than 10. With more teams, the number of matches played by each team will alter, but playoff qualifying will stay the same. The top four teams on the points table will continue to advance to the playoffs.

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