Karnataka: A Striped Hyena Carcass Raises Rabies Concerns

    On Tuesday, a striped hyena, an endangered species, was discovered dead in a forest in Gajendragad. The finding of the hyena’s carcass has sparked numerous concerns among wildlife enthusiasts, as the animal is thought to have a powerful immune system.  

    Wildlife activists and foresters have warned residents to stay away from the forest regions and to keep a look out for anyone who enters the hillocks or forest belts with the intention of killing hyenas or other animals. However, the increasing presence of foresters in these regions has reduced the frequency of hunting incidents and murders in recent years.

    A middle-aged hyena was discovered dead, which is an unusual occurrence. “When hyenas feed on carcasses infected with rabies or other fungal infections, there is a chance that the rabies virus will be transmitted into their body,” said Manjunath Nayak, a biodiversity expert.

    The rabies virus is mostly transmitted by stray dogs. Canine distemper is an infectious and viral illness that affects a wide range of animal groups, including domestic and wild dog species, jackals, foxes, wolves, and felines (cats), as well as certain primates.”

    Karnataka: A Striped Hyena Carcass Raises Rabies Concerns, Axpert Media

    Nikhil Kulkarni, a Veterinary College in Gadag employee who has been caring for animals at the zoo, stated, “The exact cause of the hyena’s death will be known after an autopsy.” The Deputy Conservator of Forest (DCF) will release the contents of the autopsy report.” 

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    Meanwhile, Gadag DCF Dipika Bajpai stated that there is no reason for concern because the hyena looks to have died naturally. She went on to say that the existence of the rabies virus is exceedingly unlikely. 

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