Another Cab Incident in Delhi: Man Slapped by Ola Driver

Delhi: A man named Kiran Verma shared a post on LinkedIn sharing his encounter with a Ola driver recently. The post claims Kiran is the man slapped by Ola driver that too in front of his six-year-old son.

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Image of Ola driver who slapped the Delhi Man

Why Man Slapped by Ola Driver?

In the post, Kiran described last month’s incident when he and his son booked an Ola to pick someone up from the airport. After pickup, the driver asks to pay cash instead of paying online. He further told me to cancel the drive if the money was unavailable for payment. The passenger, Kiran, denied it, and after that, the driver agreed and started the journey. 

After a few miles, the driver starts driving in the opposite direction of the house. When Kiran asked, the driver replied that there was a traffic jam. Soon after hardly a kilometer had been reached, the driver stopped the cab and asked Kiran to pay extra or whatever came in the ride.

Kiran Verma further informs that the driver started shouting without reason, scaring his 6-year-old son. The driver then asks to leave the car. For his son’s safety, he dialed the Ola helpline and the Police. After this, they leave the car and stand outside, and the driver takes their bags, and the situation turns violent.

Then, Kiran refused to pay him and took a picture of the driver with my bag. The driver came out and slapped Kiran in front of his son. Kiran added that he was on the call with the Ola support executive, who suggested he not pay the driver or talk to the driver. “These words triggered the driver because the call was on the loudspeaker, and the driver slapped me again,” he added.

However, Kiran’s other post says a man saved him afterwards (after he was slapped twice).

Image of Driver Who Saved Man Slapped by Ola Driver

Kiran complaint on the Ola app was closed within an hour, but no action was taken against the Ola driver. The post went viral on social media, and people supported Kiran Verma and urged Ola to take action. 

Did the Ola driver apologized?


Kiran’s latest post say’s he received a stranger call which he probably claims to be of the drive who slapped him apologizing for the misdeed. However, the stranger didn’t confirmed his identity, Kiran added. Further, Kiran post adds “who gave him right to take my contact number from the back end and call me from his personal number?” “Isn’t it a breach of privacy when an individual is taking my contact number from the platform and using it personally without my consent?”

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shubham sharma
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