Modi In Lakshadweep: A Must-Read Travel Guide To The Stunning Escape

Lakshadweep, which means ‘thousand islands’ in Sanskrit and Malayalam, is a collection of 36 islands off the coast of Kerala. Androth, Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Ameni, and Agathi are said to be the earliest inhabited islands. Local mythology has it that Lakshadweep was initially invaded by people on an expedition in quest of Cheraman Perumal, a Chera King who one day sneaked out of his city (present-day Kodungallor) and headed for Mecca. Today, Lakshadweep is a magnet for adventure seekers and visitors looking for a unique retreat.

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Bangaram: Bangaram is a little teardrop-shaped island adjacent to Agatti and Kavaratti. It is the only deserted island resort in Lakshadweep and is famous for the phosphorescent plankton that wash ashore on the coral sands at night, giving the beach a blue light. 

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Agatti: Agatti features one of the most gorgeous lagoons in Lakshadweep and the only one with an airfield.

Kadmat: Kadmat is 8 kilometers long and barely 550 meters wide at its widest point. It includes a lovely little lagoon on the west side that is great for water sports.

Minicoy: It is separated from the main group of islands and is located approximately 200 kilometers south of the northern group. It has one of the largest lagoons and a cluster of 11 villages known as “Ava’h,” each of which is ruled over by an elected village elder known as Bodukak.

Kalpeni: A single atoll is formed of Kalpeni, two small islands Tilakkam and Pitti, and the deserted island Cheriyam in the north. A large storm bank of coral debris along Kalpeni’s eastern and southeastern shorelines is an unusual feature.

Kavaratti: The administrative center and most developed island. The island has 52 mosques, the most beautiful of which is the Ujra mosque.

Shipwrecks: Minicoy is the only island in Lakshadweep with three major ship wrecks, thought to be those of the S.S. Hoechst and other ships, located within 8 meters of the island’s reef. These wrecks are virtual underwater museums, and the fish species found here are greater than the usual size seen elsewhere, maybe because to the wreckage’ consumption of iron.

Water Sports: The majority of tourist packages include kayaks, canoes, pedal boats, sail boats, wind surfers, snorkeling sets, glass-bottomed boats, and other amenities. Big game fishing is available to deep-sea anglers. Local boats with competent crews are available for hiring.

Dive: Kadmat is one of India’s most spectacular diving destinations and home to the first Laccadives Dive Centre and School. Throughout the season (October 1 to May 1), the Laccadives Kadmat Dive School provides basic to intermediate lessons. Minicoy diving Centre and Dolphin Dive Centre (Kavaratti) are two more excellent diving sites.


Kilanji: A rice and egg crepe-like meal that goes well with a sweet and watery dish of coconut milk, banana, and jaggery.

Mus Kavaab: A spicy tuna curry flavored with chili powder, coriander powder, cardamom, and sautéed onions, curry leaves, and tomato.

Octopus fry: Deep-fried octopus

Maas Podichathu: Made of dried tuna chopped into little pieces, coconut, turmeric powder, onions, and garlic. Rice is included.

Batla Appam: A steamed sweet treat comprised of eggs, flour, sugar, and cardamom that is traditionally served during festivals and other special occasions.


Lakshadweep Samudram: A 5-day trip aboard the M.V Kavaratti ship, which offers 150 Diamond-class accommodations, to explore the islands of Kavaratti, Kalpeni, and Minicoy. The island excursion is scheduled during the day and includes lunch and beverages onshore. The nights are spent aboard the ship. Cost: Diamond Class: $37,500 + 5% GST per adult. Gold Class: $28,500 plus 5% GST per adult. Visit to make a reservation.

Swaying Palm Tour: A 6-7 day trip to Minicoy.Tourists are housed in luxury A/C cottages and other separate beachside cottages.

Marine Wealth Awareness Programme: A four- to seven-day trip to Kadmat to discover the richness and beauty of marine life. The island may be visited for 2-5 days. Water sports include swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. Kadmat now has a full-fledged water sports institute.

Taratashi Package: Taratashi provides a package that includes a visit to Kavaratti, Lakshadweep’s administrative capital, as well as a 4-5 day stay on the island. Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, a glass-bottomed boat lagoon trip, and other water sports are available.

Scuba Dive Package: The Dolphin Dive Centre in Kavaratti provides the PADI Scuba Diving Experience Programme and the PADI Scuba Diving Course. All diving equipment is provided; however, swimming skills and a doctor’s certificate certifying the candidate’s fitness for diving are required. The diving training requires a minimum age of 14 years.

Stay options:

Cottages in Gangaram: $18,000 per person (excluding GST)

• Thinnakara Tents: Thinnakara island is located just opposite Bangaram island and shares the huge lagoon and coralline banks. 10,000 per person (excluding GST) for a double room

• Kamat Island Resort: Access to the island by boat is only possible on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 11,000 per person (excluding GST) for a double room

• Suite room at Kavaratti Island Resort: 11,000 per person (excluding GST).


By Air: Lakshadweep is accessible by flight and ship from Kochi. Kochi is the entrance to Lakshadweep for tourists. The islands of Agatti and Bangaram may be accessed by a 90-minute flight from Kochi. The only island with an airfield is Agatti. During the fair season (October to May), boats to Kavaratti and Kadmat are accessible from Agatti. During the monsoon, helicopter transfers from Agatti to Bangaram Island Resort are possible, as are year-round helicopter transfers from Agatti to Kavaratti.

By Ship: Six passenger ships travel between Kochi and Lakshadweep: MV Kavaratti, MV Arabian Sea, MV Lakshadweep Sea, MV Amindivi, and MV Minicoy. Depending on the target island, the voyage takes 14 to 18 hours. There are numerous types of accommodations on each ship. On board, there is a doctor on call. The MV Amindivi and MV Minicoy also have comfortable A/C seats, making them perfect for a night’s voyage.

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