Modi Instructs National and State Officials To Identify and Change The 100 Most Backward Blocks

    Modi also advocated for the recognition of energetic officials who are committed to pushing change at the block level.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked central and state governments on Saturday to identify and improve the 100 most backward blocks in their respective regions. He also advocated for officers who are enthusiastic about promoting change at the block level to be recognized.

    Modi told the secretaries of central government departments and state officials at the launch of ‘Sankalp Saptaah,’ a week-long program on the implementation of the government’s aspirational blocks program, to identify 100 blocks in the country that are falling behind in their respective departments and work towards enhancing the conditions there.

    Modi emphasized that these 100 designated blocks should outperform the national average in terms of development and that Sankalp Saptaah should not be limited to the NITI Aayog.

    “If they establish a model to bring 100 villages out of backwardness in a single month, it will not be hard to replicate the same in 1000 villages,” Modi said in a speech delivered in Hindi in the capital.

    Modi Instructs National and State Officials To Identify and Change The 100 Most Backward Blocks, Axpert Media

    The Prime Minister emphasized how the government’s strategy changed certain disadvantaged districts from punitive postings to lively aspirational districts. The government sent young police to aspirational districts and found them eager to get things done, resulting in transformation. People who performed well in aspirational districts were given good tasks, according to Modi.

    “In the case of aspirational blocks, I will also appeal to state governments–and central government authorities should consider this–that whoever is successful in their work at the block level should have a bright future.” Officers who are bringing about change on the ground should be praised, according to Modi.

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    The Prime Minister has named the initiative of the aspirational district one of the top 10 projects in Independent India.

    Modi expressed confidence that the enthusiasm of those working on the scheme will result in the blocks attaining state-level development metrics.

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