Mukhtar Ansari Death: BJP attacks the opposition and calls for an investigation overseen by SC!

Mukhtar Ansari Death: Mukhtar Ansari, an MLA from Uttar Pradesh and a murder conviction, passed away on Thursday at the Banda Medical College from cardiac arrest. 

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In response to the opposition’s allegations regarding the passing of gangster-politician Mukhtar Ansari, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stated on Friday that the general public needed to be aware of their use of religious polarization.

Ghazipur, Mau, Jaunpur, Azamgarh, and Balia are the epicenters of the comrades. How did these areas turn into a haven for criminal activity? We should all exercise caution. BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi remarked, “PM Narendra Modi’s efforts of inclusive empowerment have nullified their tactics of communal polarization.” 

Remarks of Leaders on Mukhtar Ansari Death

Sidharth Nath Singh, the leader of the BJP, criticized the opposition for supporting a criminal. 

“Mukhtar Ansari is a criminal. The leaders of the BSP, Congress, and SP are jumping right now to express their sadness over him.” While Mukhtar Ansari has been the target of serious accusations. He has even received a life sentence from the court, the BSP, Congress, and SP’s hatred towards him shows how they supported the mafia raj’s system of protection, the speaker remarked. 

Akhilesh Yadav, the leader of the Samajwadi Party, urged today that a Supreme Court judge look into Mukhtar Ansari’s death. “It is the foremost responsibility and duty of the government to protect someone’s life in every situation,” he added. 

He goes on to say: “The death of a hostage or prisoner in any of the following circumstances will erode public confidence in the judicial process. A Supreme Court judge should supervise the investigation of all such doubtful cases. This includes: individuals are confined in a police station, engage in fights inside the jail, fall ill inside the prison, are taken to the hospital, undergo treatment in the hospital, encounter false situations, fake suicide attempts, or are involved in accidents resulting in casualties.

Mayawati, the head of the BSP, also called for a thorough investigation into Ansari’s passing. 

She stated that the persistent apprehensions and serious allegations made by Mukhtar Ansari’s family regarding his death in jail necessitate a high-level investigation to reveal the facts of his death.

What did Ansari’s son say?

Umar Ansari, the son of Ansari, claimed that on March 19, he was given slow poison. He further says that his attorneys had informed the court of the same. 

“Only the media informed us of his passing. We’ll demand a thorough investigation and take any necessary legal action. We fully trust the court,” he declared.

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shubham sharma
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