National Doctors’ Day – 01 July 2023 INDIA: Importance and History

For the last 32 years (since 1991), INDIA has marked National Doctors’ Day on July 1st, recognizing the iconic and renowned doctor Bidhan Chandra Roy, a politician, a liberation warrior, and an advocate for education.

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Doctors are the country’s troops, those who do not fight at borders but labour tirelessly to save lives and extend life expectancy while putting their own lives in danger. Their impact on human health exceeds expectations. To safeguard the general public, they are always the first to respond to a pandemic crisis such as COVID-19, Disease X, Plague, Flu, AIDS, Ebola, and others.

History of National Doctors’ Day

National Doctors’ Day was originally marked in India on July 1, 1991, in commemoration of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, to honour his contributions to the health arena. Dr. B.C. Roy was a birthday perisher who was born on July 1, 1882, and died on July 1, 1962, a curious coincidence. 

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Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy (July 1, 1882 – July 1, 1962) was a well-known physician, educator, independence fighter, social worker, and politician. From 1948 until 1962, he was also the chief minister of West Bengal. On February 4, 1961, he was awarded the highest Indian civilian honour, “THE BHARAT RATNA.” He dedicated his life to the people, treated countless people, and inspired millions. He was also Mahatma Gandhi’s personal physician.

In his honour, the B.C. Roy National Award was founded in 1976 to recognise outstanding individuals in the fields of health, science, public affairs, philosophy, arts, and literature.

Doctors Day

Importance and Role of Doctors

Doctors have an important role in society; they spend their careers to the well-being of their patients, aiding in the speedier recovery from sickness or condition and increasing their quality of life. They have a thorough understanding of medical science and are dedicated to treating patients’ medical ailments and prolonging life expectancy.

Despite being assaulted by patients and their families, many physicians have never quit. They kept providing medical services to the general public. Nobody can ever forget their contributions and unwavering efforts.

Significance of National Doctors’ Day 

IN INDIA, National Physicians’ Day is observed to recognise and respect the value of physicians’ contributions to society. This also helps the general public understand the significance of doctors’ duties and obligations in the patient’s care.

On this auspicious day, every Indian should be happy to have skilled medical specialists who devote their careers to improving their country’s health, and they should be appreciative of their efforts and services during medical emergencies.

Every Indian citizen owes it to each doctor to pay respect to and recognise his or her efforts in supporting the general population in conquering medical emergencies and pandemic circumstances. Despite the fact that the globe is now free of coronavirus, the courageous efforts of medical personnel (doctors and nurses) during the COVID-19 epidemic are indelible.

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