New Year: India welcomes 2023 with fanfare

    New Year

    News for the New Year of 2023

    The police have increased security throughout all cities to maintain a careful watch for any form of infraction and ensure safety during the New Year’s celebrations.

    After two years of Covid-19 interruptions, India welcomed the new year with fireworks and countdown festivities as hundreds of revelers flocked outside to celebrate. Police have reinforced security in cities nationwide to maintain rigorous watch for any form of infringement and guarantee safety during New Year’s celebrations.

    Countries had mostly eased quarantine measures, visitor restrictions, and constant testing that had limited travel and places individuals can go, even though Covid-19 continues to cause death and alarm, particularly in China, which is fighting a statewide spike in infections.

    …New Year

    With an hour’s head start over neighbors like New Zealand, the Pacific island nation of Kiribati was the first to welcome the new year. Large crowds gather in Auckland underneath the Sky Tower as fireworks were off after a 10-second countdown to midnight. The biggest city in New Zealand welcomed the celebrations after COVID-19 forced its cancellation a prior. Over a million people gathered for a multi-million dollar festival centered on the themes of inclusiveness and diversity along Sydney’s waterfront.

    …New Year

    Also Many people in the country return to Kyiv for New Year’s Eve to celebrate with their loved ones on the final day of the year, which was characterize by the deadly war in Ukraine. No major celebrations are anticipated, and a curfew will be in effect as the clock strikes midnight as Russia attacks continue to target power sources, leaving millions without energy. However, being with their family is already a luxury for the majority of Ukrainians.

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