Prime Minister Narendra Modi: In his address to the United Nations General Assembly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for action against terrorist sponsors

    Modi stated that extremism and terrorism remain urgent threat to the entire globe more than two decades after 9/11 and more than a decade after the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

    In a veiled criticism of Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Thursday that there can be “no ifs and buts” when it comes to dealing with terrorism.

    In his address to the Joint Meeting of the US Congress, Prime Minister Modi stated that extremism and terrorism remain a grave threat to the whole globe more than two decades after 9/11 and more than a decade after 26/11 in Mumbai.

    “These ideologies constantly shift their identities and forms, but their ultimate goals remain the same.” Terrorism is an enemy of humanity, no ifs and, or buts about it. “We have to eliminate all such forces that sponsor and export terror,” he declared.

    Prime Minister Modi also made a veiled allusion to China, stating that the global order is built on the values of the UN Charter, peaceful conflict settlement, and respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi

    Noting that the Ukraine situation is inflicting significant grief in the area, Modi stated that “this is not a war era.” It is, nevertheless, one of conversation and diplomacy.” In his talk, Modi, who represents 1.4 billion Indians, stated that democracy is one of their cherished and shared principles.

    “It has evolved over time into various forms and systems.” However, one thing has been constant throughout history. Democracy is the spirit of equality and decency. “Democracy is an idea that welcomes debate and discourse,” he remarked in his presentation to the Joint Meeting of the United States Congress, which was attended by Congressmen and Senators, as well as hundreds of Indian Americans in the visitor’s gallery.

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    “Democracy is the culture that allows expression and thought wings.” India has been endowed with such virtues since time immemorial. “In the evolution of the democratic spirit,” he said, “India is the Mother of Democracy.”

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