Putin reminded the West of the theft in India and Africa’s colonial policies, the slave trade, and slaughter.

During a ceremony in the Kremlin intended to legally annex four areas of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin referenced the looting and destruction of India and Asia by the West.

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President Vladimir Putin reminded Western powers of the plunder and looting that was carried out in India and Africa, as well as the color revolutions that were orchestrated in various countries, during a speech delivered at an event on Friday organized to formally annexe the four captured Ukrainian territories of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhya.

More He Said

The slave trade, the eradication of American Indian tribes, the exploitation of India and Africa, and the wars of England and France against China were all aspects of the West’s colonial agenda, according to Putin. In the Kremlin’s St. George’s Hall on Friday, Putin declared the annexation.

They deliberately eradicated entire ethnic groups and drugged entire nations. They hunted humans like animals for the sake of gathering land and resources. This goes against the fundamental truths, freedom, and justice that define man “Added he.

The event was held three days after the four regions’ September 23–27 referendums were finished, at which point the leaders supported by Moscow declared victory and signed the deal to legally join Russia.

In his statement in the Kremlin, President Putin stated, “This is the desire of millions of people.”

Prior to the celebration, Red Square in Moscow was off-limits to the general public. There, signs proclaimed Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson—Russia!

In the decrees, Putin stated, “I command the acknowledgement of the state’s autonomy and independence.”

The four regions establish a geographical connection between Russia and the Crimean Peninsula, which Moscow acquired in 2014 by a comparable procedure.

In addition to the scheduled celebration in the Great Kremlin Palace’s Georgievsky Hall (St. George’s Hall), Putin also spoke to a gathering on Red Square.

With the multicolored spires of the 16th-century St. Basil’s Cathedral serving as the backdrop and the leaders of their Russian-backed governments flanking him, Putin said that the people in the regions have decided to rejoin their “historic motherland.”

Putin also urged Kiev to pick up the phone and resume talks. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Moscow is prepare for negotiations with Kyiv.

Moscow would not “betray” the regions that wish to join Russia, he added, adding that “we urge the Kyiv dictatorship to cease all hostilities, terminate the war it launched back in 2014, and return to the negotiation table.”

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, stated that he would only be open to peace negotiations if and when Russia elected a new leader. Additionally, Ukraine formally requested fast-track membership in NATO, a move that Moscow vehemently opposes.

Zelensky Statement

“It is clear that it is impossible under the current Russian ruler. He has no idea what honor and integrity are. Consequently, we are prepare for talks with Russia, but with a different Russian president, “said Zelenskyy.

Nato commander Jens Stoltenberg did not immediately react to the topic of whether Ukraine should be a member, but he hinted at the challenges of doing so because membership is decided by agreement.

“We acknowledge that any democracy in Europe has the right to apply to join NATO. The door of NATO is still open, as we have repeatedly shown over the past few years. At the meeting in Madrid, NATO partners reaffirmed their support for Ukraine’s freedom to determine its own course and the kinds of security arrangements they wish to participate in “Stoltenberg stated.

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