Share Price of SBFC Finance Has Extended Its Gains, After a Great Launch On Dalal Street, Should You Buy, Sell, or Hold?

SBFC Finance’s share price started at 81.99 on the BSE, offering a 44% listing premium to allottees.

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SBFC Finance’s share price launched on the BSE at 81.99 per share, representing a 44 percent listing premium for its allottees. SBFC Finance IPO was launched on the NSE for Rs 82 per share. However, the freshly listed share did not stop there. SBFC Finance shares quickly extended their listing gain, reaching intraday highs of 93.26 on the BSE and 93.70 on the NSE. 

According to stock market analysts, SBFC Finance’s share price may rise further, reaching 105 per share. As a result, allotters are urged to hold the shares for a longer period of time in order to maximize their listing premium. They did, however, encourage them to keep the stock with a stop loss at $80 per share. Stock experts advised ‘only high-risk traders’ to purchase at present levels with a target price of 105 per share and a stop loss of 87.

Share price objective for SBFC Finance

Anubhuti Mishra, Equity Research Analyst at Swastika Investment, commented on SBFC Finance’s IPO post-listing outlook, saying, “SBFC Finance stands out as a rapidly growing non-banking financial company (NBFC) with robust earnings growth and stable asset quality.” However, it is vulnerable to interest rates and market cycles, so in the current market, after listing at such a premium, one should book profit, albeit bold investors may keep it for the long term.”

Vaibhav Kaushik, Research Analyst at GCL Broking, advised allottees to continue holding SBFC Finance shares, saying, “SBFC Finance share price may hit triple-digit on trend reversal on Dalal Street.” So, my recommendation to SBFC Finance shareholders is to continue holding the scrip in order to achieve the near-term aim of 105. However, a hard stop loss at 80 per share levels must be maintained while holding the stock for the 105 goal.”

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Vaibhav Kaushik of GCL Broking urged individuals who did not receive SBFC Finance shares through the allotment procedure, “Only high-risk traders and investors are advised to buy at current levels with a stop loss of 87.” Their short-term goal would be 105.”

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