Taiwan shook by earthquake of magnitude 6.4! Photos & videos depicts serious damage.

Taiwan shook by earthquake of magnitude 6.4. Netzines share photos and videos depicting serious damage to several building, bridges, train and other establishment.

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Image of building collapsing in Taiwan due to earthquake
Credit: South China Morning Post

About the earthquake

According to the Central Weather Bureau, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 shook southeast Taiwan around 9:41 PM on Saturday, September 17.

The temblor’s epicentre, with a shallow focal depth of 7.3 km, was located 35.8 kilometres north of Taitung County Hall. Taiwan employs a scale of one to seven to indicate how strongly an earthquake is felt in a certain area.

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Taitung County recorded the earthquake’s strength as a 6, while Hualien County and Kaohsiung City recorded it as a 5. Nantou County, Tainan City, Chiayi County, Yunlin County, Pingtung County, and Chiayi City all reported an intensity level of 4.

In Changhua County, Taichung City, Miaoli County, Yilan County, Hsinchu County, and New Taipei City, an intensity level of 3 was recorded. Penghu County, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu City, and Taipei City all experienced 2 intensity levels. In Keelung City, an intensity level of 1 was found.

Photos and videos show the serious devastation caused by a series of earthquakes in Taiwan.

Netizens in Taiwan rushed to social media after a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck on Sunday afternoon (Sept. 18), which came after a string of 76 smaller tremors that started on Saturday evening (Sept. 19).

Earthquake led building to collapse in Yuli

Image of collapsed building yuli due to earthquake
Fallen three story building in Yuli (Taiwan news)

According to CNA, two people have been rescued from the collapsed building in Yuli. A 70-year-old man with the last name Chen and his 63-year-old wife. Yeh (39), 39, and her 5-year-old kid are stuck and need to be rescued.

A user by the name of Chang Kao uploaded a video to the Baofei Commune Facebook Group in which a plume of smoke is visible in the street emanating from what seems to be a collapsed structure in Yuli, Hualien County. A 7-Eleven was located on the first level of the structure, which seemed to be three stories tall.

According to CNA, four customers were still inside the 7-Eleven when the building collapsed, but the employee managed to escape by smashing a window. When emergency personnel came, they saved one individual while also hearing two others answer their cries.

Effect of earthquake on Gaoloai Bridge

Image of Broken Gaoloai Bridge due to earthquake
Broken Gaoloai Bridge (Taiwan news)

In addition, when the Gaoloai Bridge fell, three people had already plunged out of it. They were saved, sent to the hospital, and are allegedly awake.

The Gaoliao Bridge was entirely destroyed in two videos. Before the earthquake hit, the person who recorded the video could be heard concerned about automobiles that had strayed into the damaged part.

A train got derailed due to earthquake

Image of Derailed train due to earthquake
Image of Derailed Train (Taiwan News)

Another image in the tweet displayed a derailed train and a ceiling that had fallen at Dongli Station. 20 passengers were able to safely evacuate the Tze-Chiang 420 train when its roof collapsed. This was according to the Taiwan Railways Administration, which was reported by CNA.

Another video that was shot near the crossroads of provincial routes 9 and 30. It shows automobiles becoming trapped on the road because of the damaged pavement. Photographs obtained near Yuli revealed comparable destruction.

Two Story Hallway

Kolas Yotaka, a candidate for Hualien County Magistrate, also posted images of a two-story hallway. It depicts entirely broken columns that were lying on the ground at Chun-Rih Elementary School. A commentator said that it was fortunate that the tremors struck on the weekend, when no one was at school.

The whole roof above the badminton court at the Bade Civil Sports Center in Taoyuan collapsed to the ground. On Saturday, the owner of the sports complex had just informed us that the lights at the facility had been installed.

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