Sonu Sood Said: Insisting that people not distribute films stolen from Chandigarh University, It is time for us to support our sisters.

    In response to the Chandigarh University video leak scandal, actor Sonu Sood has urged people to be "responsible" and support the victims at this time.

    Sonu Sood

    What’s The Incident On Which Sonu Sood Urged People

    Punjab-born actor Sonu Sood responded to the Chandigarh University video leak scandal that has gripped the nation. The actor stressed the need for everyone to support the victims of the event in a tweet, calling the incident “extremely terrible.” The matter concerns recent internet leaks of 60 university student-girl private movies, which led to unrest at the school over the weekend.

    Sonu Sood Appeal

    Sonu posted something regrettable on Twitter early on Sunday. He tweeted, “Something horrific happened in Chandigarh University. It is time for us to unite with our sisters and serve as a positive role model for society. There have been numerous requests made for people to refrain from sharing the aforementioned recordings on social media or WhatsApp in order to stop further harassing the victims. Sonu continued, “These are trying times for us, not for the victims,” as if to allude to that. Be accountable!

    Action In The Matter

    Recently, when it was discovered that there were some recordings of the dormitory girls swimming online, chaos broke out on campus. According to investigations, a girl from the hostel had produced those recordings of about 60 girls and transmitted them to a Shimla-based boy she knew. The videos were purportedly post online by that person. When confronted by other girls and the hostel staff, the accused apparently confessed to doing this.

    After the incident was reveal, there were numerous student demonstrations at the university. The administration has warned the students to keep the peace and promised harsh punishment for those found guilty. In the wake of the video leak, there have been no reported deaths, injuries, or suicide attempts, according to police. This video was capture and posted online by a female student. A FIR was register in the case, and the accuse student is now into jail. There haven’t been any fatalities related to this incident. No attempt (to commit suicide) had come, according to medical records, the Mohali SSP informed the Hindustan Times.

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