“Royal Vault” will inter Queen Elizabeth II soul!

Queen Elizabeth II image being taken to Royal Vault
credit: Insider

The corpse of British Queen Elizabeth II will be interred in the Royal Vault in Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel. Let’s find out the Royal Vault’s secret.

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Queen’s Cremation

Today, the cremation will take place for Queen Elizabeth II (Queen Elizabeth II Funeral). The Queen’s corpse will be interred in the Royal Vault. In English, “royal vault” simply means “burial chamber.”

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In Britain, it is customary to inter royal family members here after they pass away. The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was also interred in this same Vault. More than twenty members of the royal family have had their remains interred in this Vault.

Other Prince & Queen interred in Royal Vault

Operation London Bridge Code is the name of the funeral preparations for the Queen. This states that the Queen’s remains will be interred at Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel. The King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor, where the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will reside, will house the body. Right now, Prince Philip is in the Royal Vault. The Queen will reside with Prince Philip.

Queen Elizabeth II last rites before interring in Royal Vault
Credit: ABC News

The late Queen Mother, Princess Margaret, and the monarch’s father, King George VI, are all interred at the church. King Edward III established St. George’s Chapel in 1475, and since then, it has served as the site of several royal festivities.

In the nineteenth century, this church was formally designated as the royal family’s final resting place. The portion of the chapel where Queen Elizabeth II’s remains will be kept, got established back in 1969. In this church, fun events like royal family weddings have also taken place.

Princess Alice, the mother of Francis Philippe, was finally laid to rest at this chapel in 1969. Later, his remains were transported to Jerusalem.

What is the Royal Vault?

Image of People's bidding Queen Elizabeth II during last rites
Credit: News18

The Royal Vault is one of several possible burial locations in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. It was built in the fifteenth century. A 16-foot burial chamber was constructed beneath St. George’s Chapel. King George III gave the order for its construction and excavation in 1804. Its building was finished in 1810. It was created to serve as the royal family’s last resting place.

A 28-foot wide by 70-foot long stone vault is called the Royal Vault. An iron gate blocks the entry. In the Vault, there is room for 44 corpses. The last 12 coffins have been positioned in the Royal Vault’s centre, leaving 32 coffins on shelves built into stone walls. 25 members of the royal family have already been buried here.

After his funeral in February 1820, George III became the first British Maharaja to be stored in it. Princess Amelia, the daughter of George III, passed away at the age of 27 in November 1810. She was the first person to be stored in the Royal Vault.

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