Chandigarh Hostel Video Leak: Three Arrests, All-Team Women’s Takes Control

Rajvinder Kaur, the warden of the girls' dormitory, was placed on administrative leave by Chandigarh University due to alleged inappropriate behavior with students.

Chandigarh Hostel Video: Rajvinder Kaur, the warden of the girls’ dormitory, was placed on administrative leave by Chandigarh University. Due to alleged inappropriate behavior with students.

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Chandigarh Hostel Video:

Following widespread student demonstrations calling for action regarding the alleged leak of objectionable footage from its ladies’ hostel, the Chandigarh University administration today suspended Rajvinder Kaur, the warden of its girls’ hostel, for what is believed to be inappropriate behaviour with students. Additionally, the university will be closed to new enrollees until Saturday.

Chandigarh Hostel Video: What Police Says

According to Punjab’s Director General of Police Gaurav Yadav, a three-person, all-female Special Investigation Team has also been established on the orders of Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann to investigate the event. Gurpreet Deo, a senior IPS officer, will serve as the team’s leader. In a video message, the senior cop pleaded for calm and warned people against spreading rumours on social media, assuring viewers that everyone’s privacy and dignity would be maintained.

The detained girl is accused of sending the videos to men outside of the institution. But the dormitory warden, who was shown confronting her in a viral video, reportedly delayed alerting the police. When the kids started to protest, she allegedly punished the girls as well.

Culprits Into Custody

Three people have been detained in this case thus far. The accused girl and her boyfriend, a Shimla resident, were both arrested as a result of huge student protests. Sunny Mehta, who is 23 years old, works for a travel company. Additionally, a second man who works at a bakery was taken into custody. His function is still unclear.

All three were present in court today in Mohali, where they were each given a seven-day police remand.

After receiving assurances from the district administration and police that the claims would be thoroughly and fairly investigated, students called off their protest this morning.

The student who is accused of making and sharing pornographic films of women at the hostel university in Mohali, Punjab, only had four videos on her phone, according to information provided by the police to NDTV last night. However, according to Navreet Singh Virk, the head police officer in Mohali, all of them were sent by this woman to her boyfriend. In addition, there hasn’t been a suicide attempt at the university, despite what the protesting students claim. They have not yet found the videos they think are being circulated, he claimed.

The police’s judgement that there is no proof at least at this point. Also the student taped pornographic photographs of other women. Which is of in the dorm restroom has been rejected by the Chandigarh University students.

Demonstrations broke out on the university’s campus. In reaction to “rumours” that 60 or so tapes of several female students had been recorded. The management allegedly tried to cover up suicide incidents, according to students.

Police have asserted time and time again that there were no suicide attempts and that they have only so far discovered the recordings made by the accused and forwarded to her lover.

In a formal statement, the institution further stated that. “No offensive film was recorded of any students other than a girl’s personal movie that she shared with her boyfriend.”

The pro-chancellor of Chandigarh University, RS Bawa, had stated that “all the rumours about unpleasant videos taken of other lady students are absolutely untrue and unjustified.”

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