Fierce Hindu-Muslim riot in Leicester, UK!

Image of police thrashing mobs
Credit: India TV News

According to Leicester, UK media sources, problems began following the cricket match between India and Pakistan on August 28. It got worse throughout the weekend. Local activists on both the Hindu and Muslim sides have urged moderation, as have the police and the local MP.

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For the past 24 hours, the United Kingdom’s media has been covering “large-scale” and “severe” disruption in  Leicester. An English city northwest of London, following street fights between sizable Hindu and Muslim gatherings.

Press Release of Indian High Commission in the UK

The Indian High Commission in the UK issued a press release on Monday evening, India time. The press release denounced “the violence perpetrated against the Indian Community in Leicester and vandalism of establishments and symbols of the Hindu religion with the utmost vigor.”

Press Release of Indian High Commission in the UK
Credit: Twitter

Exactly what is going on in Leicester?

There have been “several reports of an outburst of disturbance in portions of the East Leicester region of the city”. According to Rob Nixon, the interim chief constable of Leicestershire Police, this resulted in more officers and resources being deployed to the area to take control of the situation. He stated “Please refrain from interfering.” We are asking for serenity”.

Rob Nixon, the interim chief constable of Leicestershire Police statement
Credit: Twitter

The independent MP for Leicester East, Claudia Webbe, pleaded for “cool heads”. She also advised everyone to “go home” in a tweet. Furthermore  she urged “dialogue to restore communal relations”.

independent MP for Leicester East, Claudia Webbe pled for stopping the riot
Credit: Twitter

The Leicester Police response to the disorder

The Leicester Police posted a tweet on Sunday afternoon, September 18(IST). It states, “Parts of East Leicester saw major disturbances yesterday evening, September 17, into this morning, Sunday, when huge crowds assembled after gangs of young men launched an unexpected protest.”

The police stated that despite their efforts to “engage” with a group of people moving toward Green Lane Road and “strive to maintain lawful acts,” the scenario unfortunately resulted in disturbance.

The tweet reads: Two males had reportedly been detained, one on “suspicion of plot to conduct violent disturbance” and the other on “suspicion of possession of a bladed object.” The police sternly warned: “We will not allow violence or unrest in our city.”

 Leicester Police tweet
Credit: Twitter

Why is the city in a state of chaos?

The weekend’s chaos was the most recent of numerous similar events that have occurred since August 28. This was the day India and Pakistan played a group stage match in the Asia Cup T20 cricket competition in Dubai. Hardik Pandya, the game’s Player of the Match, scorched a 17-ball 33 to give India a five-wicket victory with two balls remaining.

According to a story in The Guardian, a group of men were seen marching through the city’s Green Lane Road neighbourhood on Saturday (September 17), where there are several Muslim-owned shops and a Hindu temple.

According to the report, Rukhsana Hussain, a 42-year-old community leader, heard chants of “Jai Shri Ram” from a distance. Following that, Majid Freeman, a 34-year-old community leader according to The Guardian, shared a video on Twitter that appeared to show Hindus throwing glass bottles along Belgrave Road.

Freeman described the situation in the Guardian report. It claims that in reaction to the crowd “passing by our mosques and physically beating individuals up indiscriminately.” The Muslim community “came out and said: ‘We can’t trust the police, we’re going to defend our community ourselves.”

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