The agenda for Friday’s meeting between Putin and Prime Minister Modi

    The situation in the Asia-Pacific, bilateral collaboration within the UN and G20, and strategic stability are additional topics that the two presidents are anticipated to discuss.

    The Agenda Of The Meeting

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet in Uzbekistan on Friday, trade and the “saturation” of the Indian market with Russian fertilisers will be on the table, according to the Kremlin.

    The gathering will occur concurrently with a Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit (SCO).

    Details Of The Meeting

    According to news agency Reuters, the Kremlin stated in its meeting handout that there were intentions to address the “saturation” of the Indian market with Russian fertilisers and bilateral food supply.

    Situation in the Asia-Pacific region, bilateral collaboration within the UN and G20, and strategic stability are additional topics that the two leaders are anticipated to discuss.

    “A conversation on the international agenda with Modi will also take place,” said Presidential Aide Yuri Ushakov. “The sides will discuss issues of strategic stability, the situation in the Asia-Pacific Region, and, of course, cooperation within major multilateral formats, such as the UN, the G20, and the SCO.”

    Ushakov told reporters on Tuesday that this was especially notable in light of India’s incoming presidency of the UN Security Council in December and its upcoming presidency of the SCO and the G20 in 2023.

    No Statement Was Officially Release

    The meeting between Prime Minister Modi and President Putin has not yet been announced by the Ministry of External Affairs.

    The backdrop to this discussion will be India’s purchase of crude oil from Russia, which has been subject to sanctions from the West due to its invasion of Ukraine.

    With External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar claiming that Indians cannot afford high energy prices, India has constantly defended its position.

    “The average annual income in the country where I reside is $2,000. These folks are unable to pay the rising cost of power. I must make every attempt to obtain the best deal for them, both morally and legally “Jaishankar said.

    He claimed that the US and other nations are aware of India’s position and will “go on with that.”

    In the meantime, trade between Russia and India is increasing; in the first half of 2022, the amount reached $11.5 billion, an increase of roughly 120% year over year, according to a report by the Russian agency TASS.

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