The Bombay Press Club condemns Rahul Gandhi’s public shaming of a journalist

    When pressed on his removal as an MP, Rahul Gandhi slammed the reporter, referring to him as a “BJP member.”

    The Bombay Press Club condemned Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi for demeaning a journalist while speaking at his party’s office in New Delhi on Saturday.

    Rahul Gandhi

    “When confronted with a few awkward questions on his removal as a Member of Parliament, Mr. Gandhi became angry and slammed the reporter, referring to him as a BJP operative.” “A journalist’s job is to ask a question, and it is the responsibility of political leaders who conduct news conferences and interact with media to respond to these queries with decency and decorum,” the Press Club stated in a statement posted today.

    It is disappointing that Mr. Gandhi, as the leader of one of the country’s oldest political organizations, has been unable to honor the worth of the fourth estate, according to the statement.

    It also asked that Mr. Gandhi make amends and apologize to the journalist in question.

    The Press Club secretary voiced grave worry about the way political parties browbeat journalists with abusive language and threats in reaction to news reporting they deem objectionable.

    We once more appeal to all political actors to defend the freedom of the press to cover news and offer critical analysis. The statement read, “They must comprehend that the fundamental right to free expression is a cornerstone of our society.

    Rahul Gandhi

    About his conviction and punishment in a criminal defamation lawsuit, she stated, “Rahul Gandhi’s inability to develop the humility to seek forgiveness of the OBC group in our nation is just another instance of a political arrogance known as the Gandhi family.”

    Gandhi was removed as a member of the Lok Sabha after being convicted and sentenced to two years in prison in the lawsuit by a Surat court on March 23 for his “Modi surname” statement.

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