Here we present to you Top Places to visit during Diwali in India for a vacation.

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Because it is the birthplace of Lord Ram and symbolizes his return to Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Laxman following a 14-year exile, Ayodhya is the first spot to celebrate Diwali. You might detect sincere delight and satisfaction over here. On the banks of the Sarayu River, people come from all around Uttar Pradesh to burn lanterns. Actually, a Guinness World Record was set by the lighting of about three lakh diyas.

Four days of festivities are held during the festival. Women light diyas and carry them to the river in a beautiful ceremony. The city has been tastefully decked with handmade ornaments, lights, and colorful papers. You’ll be shocked and ecstatic to be present to celebrate this unique moment. This year, Ayodhya is among the most popular holiday spots for Diwali.




Even though the Golden Temple, which is primarily frequented by Sikhs, is Amritsar’s most famous landmark, the Light Diwali celebrations are fantastic and distinctive. After Leader Hargobind Singh, the sixth Sikh guru, returned from a jail where he had been unjustly imprisoned for his convictions, it was founded in 1619. Along with a number of other political figures who backed him, he was imprisoned. If you naturally have an interest in history, you should spend your Diwali vacation in Amritsar.

Diwali is also important in Amritsar since it commemorates the laying of the Golden Temple’s cornerstone in 1577. You will be treated to a breathtaking fireworks show over the Golden Temple if you go during Diwali. Additionally, a large number of lights, oil lamps, and candles that are lit by both tourists and devotees illuminate the entire temple complex. There are many amazing spots to visit close to Amritsar; for a short escape, check out the top 12 hill stations nearby.



One of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage places in the world is Varanasi, commonly referred to as Banaras. At this point, the Ganga merges with the ocean and is at its broadest. You will have a wild time if you travel to Varanasi during Diwali. There will be a constant display of fireworks and firecrackers all night long. This year, one of the most popular places to visit for Diwali is Varanasi. Please review the top 15 activities to do in Varanasi to learn more about the city’s history.

Other notable events include the Ganga Aarti, in which candles and earthen lamps are used to illuminate the Varanasi Ghats, particularly the Dashashwamedh Ghat before being floating in the river. Dev Deepavali, which is two weeks after Diwali, is a much bigger festival since it is observed on a full moon night. During this time, there is a large procession of Hindu deities lining the streets, and the ghats are lit up with millions of lamps. Later, it corresponds with the cultural celebration known as Ganga Mahotsav.


One of the busiest and most well-known places to celebrate Diwali is Udaipur. Every rooftop and front door is decked out for Diwali with lights and fireworks, which are reflected in Pichola Lake. In Bhatiyani Chauhatta, worshipers honor the Goddess of Wealth at the Mahalaxmi Temple. Udaipur is frequently referred to as the most romantic place, but there is a catch: if you want to miss out on the excitement around the immaculate lakes of Udaipur during Diwali, it also makes for the ideal vacation spot.

To unite people and celebrate Diwali in a regal manner, the Shouryagarh Resort and Spa has hosted the Udaipur Light Festival since 2012. It includes performances by a variety of singers, DJs from various genres, art installations, food booths, entertaining activities, and paper lanterns. If you’re visiting over the weekend, you should check out Udaipur’s 12 great picnic locations.



When it comes to Jaipur’s attractiveness during Diwali, the warm glow of lights and oil lamps illuminating in streets, homes, and shops genuinely contributes. The Pink City in Jaipur, where entire buildings and markets are illuminated every year, is one of the greatest spots to observe this. This year, one of the most popular places to visit for Diwali is Jaipur. Visit the 14 renowned temples in Jaipur while the festivities are going on.

The government pays the electricity cost for the market with the most enticing and artistically decorated stalls in a competition that is held each year. It’s a glitzy and colorful celebration that welcomes guests not just from India but from all across the world. The Johari Bazaar in Jaipur is referred to as “The Strip” during Diwali, unlike in Las Vegas where there is a “Strip.” Another option is the Vedic Walks, a unique Diwali walking tour.


In Goa, Diwali is observed to remember how Lord Krishna slew the monster Narakasura. On Narakasura Chaturdashi, the day before Diwali’s major day, competitions are held in every city and hamlet in Goa to determine who can construct the biggest and nastiest monsters, which are subsequently set ablaze.

Since gambling is a significant component of Goan culture, it increases in size and popularity around Diwali. One of the best casinos in Goa is where you may try your luck. Make a reservation at a reputable casino because they will be hard to find because of the event’s high demand. Visit the top 13 casinos in Goa for more information. This year, Goa is one of the most popular holiday spots for Diwali.


Gujarati people celebrate Diwali to signal the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Here, Diwali is discreetly but opulently observed. On each of the five days, rangolis and diyas are used to decorate homes. Gujarat is well renowned for its festive, colorful celebrations throughout the year, which begs for even more festivities during Diwali, making it the ideal place to spend the holiday.

Processions and tribal-style ceremonies would also take place. Giving gold is another important Gujarati rite. While desserts aren’t typically consumed, houses make and offer dishes like samosas, aloo tikki, and other dishes.



One of the earliest cities in the nation to be populated, Madurai is full of historical and artistic riches. The Diwali celebrations that take place all across the city are a clear example of this. But Madhurai is one of the few undiscovered, laid-back Diwali vacation spots.

Due to the abundance of textile and appliance showrooms located here, Madurai draws sizable people from the neighboring districts around Diwali. If you happen to be in this region of India during Diwali, you must visit the Meenakshi temple in Madurai. See the top 25 attractions in Madurai at night.


Even though Diwali is not a celebration that is commonly observed in Kerala, it is still celebrated there with great fervor and joy. The Kovalam Beach is a must-see for everyone traveling to Kerala during Diwali. This year, Kovalam is one of the most popular holiday spots for Diwali.

Hundreds of tourists congregate here to light Diyas and scatter them on the beach’s sand. On Diwali, the entire beach will be illuminated in addition to the accompanying fireworks. Please review the top 13 attractions in Kovalam, Kerala, to make your trip more enjoyable and thrilling throughout festival season.


Diwali is celebrated for five days in Assam. From the first day, the house is decorated with flower garlands, diyas, and lights. The doorways of the house are similarly ornamented with mango leaves and marigolds. The first day that homes are cleansed and adorned to welcome Lakshmi is Danteras. The second day is Naraka Chaturdashi, the third is Diwali, the fourth is Balipadyami, and the fifth is BhaiBij.

Food is given to the poor on the fourth day, and on the fifth day, sisters place Tilak on their brothers’ foreheads to symbolize their wellbeing. During Diwali, Assamese people greet and bless one another. Due to how lavishly they celebrate Diwali, Tejpur and Kaziranga are must-visit cities during this time. This year, Assam is one of the most popular vacation spots for Diwali.

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