Volvo Cars Tech Fund invests in CorrActions, a driver-monitoring firm

CorrActions is an Israeli firm that has developed a driver monitoring system that can assess a driver’s cognitive state and has secured a strategic investment from Volvo Cars Tech Fund. The business has set a $6 million objective for this round.

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CorrActions’ concept is to monitor the driver’s tiny muscle movements using sensors already installed in the automobile. According to the business, these motions might indicate brain activity, which CorrActions’ algorithms can then analyze to determine whether the driver is sleepy, distracted, or inebriated.

CorrActions CEO Ilan Reingold told me earlier this year that by simply using a cell phone and watching users interact with an app, the company can identify blood alcohol levels with an accuracy of 90% and zero false alarms (CorrActions previously worked with Volkswagen on a POC for this).

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“Today, we’re working with several OEMs as well as big fleet managers to monitor the skills and abilities of the person behind the wheel,” Reingold said, adding that companies developing autonomous driving fleets could use such a system to monitor passengers’ motion sickness levels, for example, to manage how the car drives in order to make passengers feel comfortable. That, on the other hand, would be powered by a camera or millimeter wave radar.

Currently, the firm primarily works with data from steering wheel sensors and pressure-based seat sensors, along with motion data from fleet managers’ applications used to connect with their drivers.

“With the Tech Fund, we hope to be the strategic partner of choice for creative firms that can help us strengthen our position as a technology leader in our sector,” said by Alexander Petrofski who is the head of the Volvo Cars Tech Fund. “CorrActions fits the bill perfectly and prioritizes a mission close to our hearts: creating cars and making traffic safer.”

Volvo points out that the company’s flagship electric SUV, the EX90, already contains several technologies for determining a driver’s cognitive condition. “The CorrActions technology is an excellent complement to our driver comprehension system.” As a result, we’ve decided to invest in CorrActions to help it continue to develop and commercialize its technology” said the Volvo Cars Tech Fund in a press release.

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