Why Has Jaya Prada Been Convicted to 6 months in prison and fined?

    Jaya Prada, Ram Kumar, and Raja Babu were all convicted to six months in prison and fined 5000 rupees. Years ago, the three had a cinema hall in Chennai, which closed due to inevitable losses. Following that, the movie hall employees filed a lawsuit against the three partners, alleging non-payment of ESI payments despite deductions from their wages. Here’s a more in-depth explanation:

    A percentage of the actress’s earnings was utilized to pay the theatre’s losses. Following that, the Labour Government Insurance Corporation launched a complaint for unpaid dues against Jaya Prada, Ram Kumar, and Raja Babu. Following court processes, the offenders were each fined 5000 rupees and sentenced to six months in prison. Jaya Prada has admitted the allegations and promised to pay the debts. She attempted to apologize and resolve the issue by paying the taxes at first, but her appeal was refused.

    During the late 1970s, Jaya Prada was a major personality in Telugu and Hindi films, famous for her beauty and important works such as “Siri Siri Muvva,” “Sindur,” “Sargam,” and “Maa.”

    Why has Jaya Prada been convicted to six months in prison and fined?

    The Egmore Metropolitan Magistrate charged Jaya Prada with failing to pay Employee State Insurance (ESI) for the theater’s employees. ESI monies were not remitted despite deductions from employees’ paychecks. Workers filed a complaint against Jaya Prada, accusing her of failing to meet her financial duties. Their efforts to address the situation directly were futile, so they turned to the courts.

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    Jaya Prada, Ram Kumar, and Raja Babu have all petitioned the Madras High Court to stay the proceedings in the Egmore court. The supreme court, however, dismissed their appeals. Jaya Prada stated her desire to refund debts and reimburse workers by following judicial procedures at the Egmore court. The ESI’s legal representation was outraged and demanded for harsh punishment for the defendants. As a result, the actress was sentenced to six months in prison by the judge.

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