With New WhatsApp update You Can Finally Exchange Images and Videos At Their Original Resolution

WhatsApp has released a key upgrade that allows iPhone users to exchange photographs and videos in their original format on the messaging network. This means that WhatsApp for iOS users no longer have to worry about sharing reduced-quality material through the app, and they no longer have to hunt out alternative ways to share high-quality content with their pals. This advancement follows a recent enhancement that allowed users to share media in high resolution, or “HD quality,” overcoming the platform’s previous constraint of low-quality media sharing. The most recent update goes a step further by fully avoiding compression, ensuring that the shared content keeps its original quality.

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With New WhatsApp update You can finally exchange images and videos at their original resolution

The functionality was discovered in the newest 23.24.73 WhatsApp version on the App Store, allowing users to easily share media in its original quality as a file. Unlike the last version, which enhanced quality but still required compression, this current addition allows users to transfer photographs and movies as files without losing quality. According to the changelog, this new option will be gradually carried out over the next few weeks, so some users may not see it right away.

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To utilize this function, users must first open an existing chat or start a new one on WhatsApp. Users may get to Document â Choose Photo or Video by touching the “+” icon to the left of the text input area. After choosing the required media, confirm by touching the blue arrow. It’s important to know that the maximum file size that may be transferred with this function is 2GB.


When these files are sent, a big shift occurs: media previews will no longer be displayed in the chat window. Instead, receivers may access the files by tapping them, which adds a layer of surprise to transmitted information. WhatsApp has also been testing a similar function for Android users, however, there is no word on when it will be available.

Furthermore, WhatsApp just unveiled a new Secret Code function for conversations, which is one of the main privacy enhancements. Users may already set a lock to their very intimate WhatsApp messages, but there was a flaw. The platform allowed customers to use the same fingerprint password to unlock their phone for WhatsApp’s private conversations, which meant that if someone managed to register their fingerprint on your phone, they could also check their WhatsApp messages.

Everything has changed with the latest version, as WhatsApp has enhanced security by sending out the new Secret Code function to all users. You can now build a one-of-a-kind password consisting of words or emojis to safeguard your chats with a passcode that only you know. 

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