Woman Stripped Nude and Paraded In Rajasthan; Husband Arrested. Video Goes Viral, Ashok Gehlot Reacts

    Six teams have been organized to apprehend the suspects, according to the police, and Pratapgarh Superintendent of Police Amit Kumar is camping in the area.

    A 21-year-old tribal lady was reportedly stripped nude and displayed in a hamlet in Pratapgarh district by her husband and in-laws in yet another crime against women in Rajasthan, police said on Friday. As a video of the event circulated on social media, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot stated that he had asked the director general of police to send the ADG (Crime) to the scene and take harsh action, while the Bharatiya Janata Party declared that “Rajasthan is again ashamed.”

    According to district superintendent of police Amit Kumar, three persons were detained in connection with the incident on Saturday, including the woman’s husband. According to the police, after noticing the authorities, the accused attempted to run and was hurt. They are being treated at Pratapgarh’s district hospital before being brought before the court.

    The first inquiry found that the woman was in a relationship with another guy, according to Dhariyawad SHO Peshawar Khan, who added that the event occurred on Thursday.

    Umesh Mishra, the DGP of Rajasthan, stated that her in-laws kidnapped her and transported her to their village, where the event occurred. Her in-laws were irritated because she was living with another man, he added.

    According to Mishra, ADG (Crime) Dinesh MN was dispatched to Pratapgarh on Friday night.

    A shocking video from Pratapgarh, Rajasthan

    In the distressing footage, a guy is seen stripping a woman in public and then parading her nude around a community.

    Mishra stated that the state government is taking the matter extremely seriously and that six teams have been created to apprehend the suspects, while Pratapgarh Superintendent of Police Amit Kumar is camping in the hamlet.

    Woman Stripped Nude and Paraded In Rajasthan; Husband Arrested. Video Goes Viral, Ashok Gehlot Reacts, Axpert Media

    Ashok Gehlot responded to the incident on X (formerly Twitter), writing, “In Pratapgarh district, a footage of a woman being stripped naked by her in-laws because of some family conflict has surfaced.” The Director General of Police has been directed to dispatch ADG Crime to the scene and take strong action. Such criminals have no place in a civilized society. These perpetrators will be imprisoned as quickly as possible and punished after being tried in a speedy court.”

    The BJP, on the other hand, slammed the Gehlot administration, with party president JP Nadda claiming that governance in the state is “totally absent” while the chief minister and his colleagues are engaged in a factional struggle.

    “The video from Pratapgarh, Rajasthan is shocking,” Nadda stated on X. Worse, the government in Rajasthan is completely absent. The CM and Ministers are preoccupied with resolving factional squabbles, while the remaining time in Delhi is spent appeasing one dynasty. It’s no surprise that the topic of women’s safety in the state is entirely disregarded.”

    “Every day, there is a case of harassment against women,” he continued. Rajasthan’s people will give the state government a lesson.”

    Former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje said that a video of a pregnant lady being undressed in public was circulating on social media but that the administration was unaware of it. She further urged others not to disseminate the footage, claiming that the act had embarrassed Rajasthan.

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    “A horrific incident of stripping and beating a woman has come to light in Dhariyavad, a tribal-dominated area of Rajasthan,” BJP IT cell leader Amit Malviya said, sharing the video on X. Two days have gone, and the administration, government, and police are still unaware. Rahul Gandhi is in Mumbai, and Ashok Gehlot is napping. The women’s harassment political organization is likewise deafeningly silent.”

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