World Tourism Day, September 27: Importance and History

According to the UNWTO, the topic for World Tourism Day 2023, ‘Tourism and green investment,’ emphasizes the need for additional and better-targeted investments to achieve the SDGs.

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Every year on September 27, World Tourism Day is observed to encourage tourism around the world. The UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) founded it to recognize the power of tourism to help connect cultures.

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation established World Tourism Day in 1979. However, it was not formally honored until 1980. 

Countries and various organizations promote tourism on this day to encourage people to rediscover and enjoy history, luxury, heritage, cultures, locations, and adventure.

According to the UNWTO, the topic of World Tourism Day 2023, ‘Tourism and green investment,’ emphasizes the need for additional and better-targeted investments towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the UN plan for a better world by 2030.

“The overall turbulence in the tourism sector brought about by COVID-19 provides an opportunity to reconsider and recalibrate the direction and narratives of tourism investments for a future that is better for the People, the Planet, and prosperity,” according to the website of the UNWTO.

This year, because Saudi Arabia is hosting the UNWTO Executive Council, around 500 government officials and business leaders from 120 countries will convene in Riyadh on September 27 and 28.

Tourism promotes mutual understanding, bridge building, cultural heritage preservation, and environmental conservation. It contributes to a more peaceful world. Additionally, it encourages digitalization and innovation.

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“….between now and 2030, the global tourism workforce will require millions of hospitality graduates per year, with an additional 800,000 jobs requiring specific vocational training.” For these reasons, we must invest in people, as they are the cornerstone of tourism, so that all those who aspire to work in the sector have equal access to quality tourism training wherever in the globe,” according to the UNWTO website.

After COVID-19, World Tourism Day 2023 is a significant forum for the world to commemorate the sector’s triumphs.

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