Xpro Share Price: A Remarkable Surge from ₹48.70 to ₹1,077 in 3 Years

Xpro share price has skyrocketed from ₹48.70 to ₹1,077 in just three years. This tremendous expansion has resulted in significant wealth generation for owners.

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In a volatile and uncertain equity market, providing steady profits to shareholders over time is challenging. However, a few equities have demonstrated fantastic resilience and stability, easing market uncertainties, economic downturns, and industry changes.

Xpro Share Price Growth From Year 2021-2024

Graph showing Xpro Share Price Growth from year 2021-2024

Xpro India, a diverse multi-locational corporation, is one such stock that has been able to sustain a stable upward trajectory while providing steady earnings to its investors.

Over the past three years, the company’s shares have skyrocketed from ₹48.70 to ₹1,077 per. This extraordinary expansion has resulted in substantial wealth creation for shareholders, with their assets increasing by an astonishing 2111%.

Even more strikingly, the stock has surged by a whopping 10000% over the past four years, jumping from ₹10.5 to the current value. If an investor invested ₹1 lakh in the Xpro India stock four years ago and remained invested until the present day, the wealth would have grown to a staggering ₹1.02 crore.

On February 27, it reached an all-time high of ₹1,297 apiece, marking yet another milestone in its impressive journey of value appreciation.

The company specializes in the polymer processing industry, particularly in India. It operates in three segments: Biax, Coex, and Thermoset. Biax Division manufactures a variety of coextruded biaxially orientated polypropylene (BOPP) films using sophisticated, automated manufacturing lines for a wide range of applications, including food packaging and electronics.

Ashish Kacholia, also known as the ‘Big Whale’ of the Indian stock market, owns 3.67% of the company as of February 2024, according to Trendlyne statistics.

Future Of Xpro India

Recent events at Xpro India have emphasized the company’s progress toward improving its financial position and laying the groundwork for future growth.

After efficiently changing warrants to equity shares last year, the company made additional efforts to strengthen its financial structure. These included issuing warrants convertible into equity and the Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP), both of which got substantial shareholder approval.

“The capital inflow was timely and considerable. We have no debt levels or payout requirements on the horizon, so we can devote our healthy net cash additions and significantly increased capital resources primarily to organic expansion,” the company stated in an exchange statement dated March 5.

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