7th Day Of Nnavratri 2023: Know Who is Maa Kalaratri? Samagri, Puja Vidhi, Significance and Mantra

    Navdurga, or Durga in nine incarnations, is worshipped during Navratri, and each avatar represents a distinct aspect of the compassionate goddess. Shailaputri is the mountain’s daughter, whereas Chandraghanta is the demon-killer. Kushmanda depicts the presence of the goddess since the beginning of time, whereas Skandamata is all about motherhood. On the seventh day of the celebration (March 28), Maa Durga transforms into Goddess Kalaratri, a strong form of the goddess who fights demons, spirits, ghosts, and all bad forces and grants ultimate protection. Navratri started on March 22 and will end on March 30 with Ram Navami. 

    Goddess Kalaratri, according to an old tantrik scripture, governs the night part of every day and night and is related to the crown chakra. She is said to bestow wisdom, power, and money on those who adore her. Shubhankari, Raudri, and Dhumorna are other names for Kalaratri.

    Maa Kalaratri

    Maa Kalaratri appears ferocious, has a black complexion, and rides a donkey. She also has four hands and a skull garland around her neck. Her right hands are in the Abhaya (protection) and Varada (blessing) Mudras, and she is holding a thunderbolt and a scimitar in two of them. In Sanskrit, Kaalratri is composed of two words: Kaal, which denotes death or time, and Ratri, which indicates night or darkness. Thus, Kaalratri is the one who causes darkness’s death.

    7th Day Of Nnavratri 2023: Know Who is Maa Kalaratri? Samagri, Puja Vidhi, Significance and Mantra, Axpert Media

    Maa Kalaratri’s Legend

    Maa Kalaratri is claimed to have sprung from the brow of Maa Chandi, who was formed to destroy the wicked trio of Chand, Mund, and Raktabeej. While goddess Chandi was able to destroy Shumbh and Nishumbh, Chand, Mund, and Raktabeej had to be stopped since they were wreaking havoc. Goddess Kaalratri was able to beat Chanda and Munda, but she initially struggled to defeat Raktabeej since a single drop of Raktabeej’s blood could produce his clone, and in order to stop him, the goddess had to ensure that no blood fell on the ground. Maa Kaalratri began swallowing the blood of each clone of Raktabeej until she was finally able to slay him.

    The Importance of Worshipping Maa Kalaratri

    Worshipping the goddess is thought to remove the malevolent influences of planets in one’s life and provide happiness. The goddess bestows to her adherents anything they desire, eliminates barriers, and provides bliss.

    Vidhi Puja 

    Jaggery or food produced from jaggery is presented to Maa Kaalratri as prasad to honor the goddess. On Saptami night, devotees also present sringar to the goddess, which comprises sindoor, kajal, comb, hair oil, shampoo, nail paint, and lipstick, among other things.

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    Puja Mantra for Maa Kaalratri

    Om Devi Kalaratryai Namah॥

    Ekaveni Japakarnapura Nagna Kharasthita।

    Lamboshthi Karnikakarni Tailabhyakta Sharirini॥

    Vamapadollasalloha Latakantakabhushana।

    Vardhana Murdhadhwaja Krishna Kalaratrirbhayankari॥

    Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Ma Kalaratri Rupena Samsthita।

    Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah॥

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