Akshay Kumar Receives Indian Citizenship and Says On Independence Day, ‘Dil aur Citizenship, Dono Hindustani’

    Akshay Kumar is awarded Indian citizenship; OMG 2 grosses 55.17 crores at the box office; and there is debate about the portrayal of God.

    Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has been given Indian citizenship, according to the actor’s social media accounts. While wishing everyone a happy Independence Day, he captioned the photo, “Dil aur citizenship, dono Hindustani.” “Happy Fourth of July!”

    Kumar has long been chastised for holding Canadian citizenship. In an interview with AajTak earlier this year, the actor stated that India means everything to him and that he has already registered for a passport change.

    He went through a tough patch in his career in the 1990s, delivering almost 15 straight failures, which prompted him to ask for Canadian citizenship. His citizenship was called into question when he did not vote in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. 

    The issue was also raised when he performed a “non-political” interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi before the elections.

    Akshay Kumar Receives Indian Citizenship and Says On Independence Day, ‘Dil aur Citizenship, Dono Hindustani’, Axpert Media

    Meanwhile, on the professional front, the actor has finally seen a blockbuster picture after a string of disasters. His most recent film, OMG 2, is doing well at the box office. In India, the film grossed a total of 55.17 crore. Monday’s revenues were 12.06 crore, which was more than the 10.26 crore collected on the release date.

    According to Sacnilk, the film is expected to gross $20.00 crore in India on its fifth day.

    In the film, Akshay Kumar portrays Bholenath’s messenger and is shown standing with dreadlocks, Pankaj Tripathi plays Lord Shiva devotee Kanti Sharan Mudgal, and Yami Gautam also plays an important part.

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    “OMG 2” is directed by Amit Rai and produced by Cape of Good Films and Wakaoo. It is presented by Viacom18 Studios. It discusses numerous adolescent difficulties as well as the need of sex education. Previously, the film has been kept under wraps since the release of the film’s posters and teaser. 

    According to several sources, the censor board put the picture on hold because the committee wanted to be extra careful owing to the film’s religious content. However, the picture was eventually certified by the Central Board of Picture Certification (CBFC) as ‘A’ (Adults Only).

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