Independence Day 2023: ‘India Will Become One Of The World’s Top 3 Economies In The Next 5 Years,’ Says PM Modi Visits The Red Fort.

Prime Minister Modi: India was the world’s tenth biggest economy in 2014, but it now ranks fifth, owing to anti-corruption initiatives and a robust economy. In the next five years, India will ascend to become one of the world’s top three economies.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking from the Red Fort on India’s 77th Independence Day, remarked that India was the world’s tenth-largest economy in 2014, but it now ranks fifth. 

“When we took power in 2014, we placed tenth in the global economic system.” Today, we have ascended to fifth place owing to the efforts of 140 million Indians. This did not happen overnight. The beast of corruption that held the country in its grip – we closed leakages and built a robust economy,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated today in his 10th consecutive Independence Day speech. 

“‘Nation First’ is the bedrock of our policies; people formed such governments in 2014 and 2019, giving me the strength to pull off reforms,” he remarked. People determined in 2014 that a stable and powerful administration was required to move the country forward; India was liberated from the age of turmoil.”

The Prime Minister stated that India would not back down now that all rating agencies have praised the country. “Just as a new world order emerged after World War II, I see a new world order emerging after COVID-19.”

“I have no doubt that when India celebrates 100 years of independence in 2047, it will already be a developed India.” This is based on my country’s expertise and resources…However, the necessity of the hour is to combat three evils: corruption, dynasty, and appeasement…,” Prime Minister Modi stated. 

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He also promised that the country will be among the top three economies in the world within the next five years. 

“Our track record shows that when India is resolute, it completes the task…For the past 25 years, the country has debated the construction of a new parliament building. Samay ke pehle Sansad banakar ke rakh diya, Modi. This is a government that works and achieves its objectives. This is the country of New India. This is an India that is confident in itself…PM Modi stated emphatically, “Ye Bharat na rukta hai, na thakta hai, na haanfta hai, aur na hi haarta hai.”

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