Apple Announces iOS 17 update, release date comes in the shadow of the iPhone ‘Wonderlust’ event

While the world was watching Apple’s “Wonderlust” presentation on Tuesday, the Silicon Valley giant announced the release date for its upgraded operating system.

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Apple’s iOS 17 is set to be launched on September 18 and will include new capabilities for a variety of iPhone models, including the iPhone 15.

The upgrade affects all iPhone activities, including the phone, texting, and applications.

In addition, iOS 17 will provide additional features and modes to the iPhone and AirPods Pro.

What new features are included in iOS 17?

iPhone owners will be able to put their devices into standby mode while charging on the side. The phone may be used as a clock, to sift through images, or to manipulate widgets in this mode.

In addition, the new operating system will have live voicemail filtering. With this capability, a user may read a voicemail transcript in real-time and determine whether or not to pick up the phone.

Users of FaceTime will be able to project their calls onto an AppleTV device. The outgoing camera will be an iPhone or iPad, while incoming footage will be displayed on the bigger screen.

The new NameDrop function, which is an evolution of the AirDrop capability, will allow iPhone users to exchange contact information by keeping their phones near together.

What will iOS 17 bring to iPhones?

Users of FaceTime will soon be able to leave video messages if the person they are phoning does not answer the phone. The messages will operate similarly to voicemail, and callers will have access to all of the video effects accessible in a finished FaceTime session. Users will now be able to set iOS 17 to automatically quiet non-contact FaceTime calls.

For individuals who use their iPhones as phones, the phone app now has the ability to generate fresh images to notify them of a call from a contact.

The update will also enhance the Autocorrect and predictive text functions.

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What will iOS 17 bring to AirPods?

The update will bring Adaptive Audio to the AirPod Pro. The mode will adjust media volume and noise cancellation to meet the user’s surroundings.

Users may now mute a microphone, play media, or finish a call directly from the AirPods.

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