Big Parliament Attack: smoke cans and a security breach

On Wednesday afternoon, there was a major security breach within the Lok Sabha. The intrusion occurred on the 22nd anniversary of the Parliament terror incident, in which nine people were killed, including eight security personnel, and India was stunned by a strike on the emblem of democracy.

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Credit: Newsdrum

Two outlawed Pakistan-based terror groups, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed, carried out the 2001 Parliament terror assault, killing five terrorists. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla led homage to those slain hours before today’s event.

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“Their courage and sacrifice in the face of danger will forever be etched in our memory,” the Prime Minister conveyed her condolences on X. issued a statement, “On this day 22 years ago, the nefarious plan of terrorists to destroy the top line of political leadership… and destruction our Temple of Democracy was foiled.”

The security lapse occurs on the same day that Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun threatened an assault. The Delhi Police were alerted after he threatened to “shake the very foundations of Parliament.”

What occurred today?

At 1.02 p.m., mayhem broke out in the Lok Sabha as a man leapt from the visitors’ gallery and raced into the chamber. Another remained in the gallery. Both canisters released yellow smoke. In an internet video, the man who sprinted inside the room hopped desks to avoid capture.

However, MPs soon cornered him. Lawmakers, naturally worried about their safety, have called the breach into question, pointing out that the smoke may have been hazardous.

Om Birla, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, has stated that a comprehensive probe will be conducted.

According to Danish Ali, a Bahujan Samaj Party MP, a visitor’s permit was retrieved after the incident and had been granted by the office of BJP MP Pratap Simha. However, regardless of which MP’s office gives a permit, each visitor must pass through five layers of security before entering Parliament.

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Karti Chidambaram, a Congress MP, told NDTV that he originally assumed someone had fallen from the visitors’ gallery. “It was only after another individual jumped that I realized it was a security breach… the gas might have been poisonous,” he added, calling for an extensive investigation.

There was also a smoke attack outside Parliament.

Two more people, a man and a woman, were detained outside Parliament carrying colored smoke canisters that detonated and spilled red and yellow smoke.

According to Delhi Police officials, the two events are most likely connected. The man and lady have b

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