BTS 10th Anniversary: ARMY Receives Heartfelt Messages From RM, Jimin, and J-Hope Ahead of BTS 10th Anniversary

“It’s not easy to support and love someone and give them strength for a specific reason,” Jimin writes in his statement. “That is why I am able to understand the joy we are.”

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BTS’ tenth anniversary is just one day away, and to mark the event, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope issued poignant messages to fans on Monday (June 12), thanking ARMY for their unwavering support throughout the years.

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“It’s a really special thing to be charmed by certain words,” RM stated in his statement, according to a translation provided by “Until a word turns into a pronoun; until BTS turns into BTS and ARMY becomes into ARMY…There was a lot of wind and rain, but there was also a lot of love. We created our own universe that no one could possibly comprehend.”

BTS 10th anniversary

“I was able to witness something special that I would never be able to experience again thanks to the ARMYs and so many people who helped us,” he added. Looking back, I got into the habit of kicking open the door and departing after a few moments of remembering. I’m still picturing our Part 2 right now. It feels like anything may happen.”

Meanwhile, Jimin commented about the ARMY’s everlasting commitment to supporting BTS in all of its endeavors. “I’ve told you ARMYs a few times already, it’s not easy to support and love someone and give them strength for no particular reason,” the translated statement says, according to”That’s why I can understand the joy we are.” You should be filled with delight and love for making us feel this way. You have to. Understand? Let us be happy for a long time, ARMY, whom I am always grateful to and adore.”

J-Hope, who is now serving in the Korean military, also sent a message on WeVerse and on the BTS Twitter account. According to Koreaboo, the message says, “ARMYs, you’re all doing well, right??” “Right now, I’m probably pretty anxious about my military discipline!! In a scheduled SMS message kind of way… To console all of you who are going through this Hobi-less period, I shall offer my greetings through letters on special days like these, even if they are brief!!”

On June 13, BTS will celebrate its tenth anniversary. Seoul will hold a number of activities over the coming weekend to commemorate the septet’s effect on the country, and the ARMY will be there.

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