BTS’ new single ‘Yet To Come’ is OUT!

Indeed a poignant reflection & an optimistic invitation into the future.

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The most loved boyband in the world wraps up their first 9 years together with an outstanding tribute to their story so far.

BTS embarked on an era back in 2015, they dubbed – “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life”. That title mentioned that period of young adulthood in which everything feels feasible and full of potential, however, crippling insecurities and uncertainties linger around every corner as you attempt to navigate a life of duty and presenting for yourself. 

Six years on – older, wiser and similarly eliminated from the depth of that transitional period – the Korean musical group are returning to that description. This time, though, ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life’ has evolved. It’s not simply fixated on a particular segment of life or maybe anchored in the present. 

On ‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’, the lead single from BTS’ new anthology album ‘Proof’, it’s concurrently tinged with nostalgia and brimming with optimism for the future. “Yeah the past was honestly the best / But my best is what comes next,” V sings early on, his voice rich and smooth in tone, and assured in attitude. 

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‘Proof’ – which in large part carries the tracks which have propelled BTS to the dizzy heights they now occupy (or demos and alternatives of these songs) – is a second to take stock and reflect, and ‘Yet To Come’ dives appropriate into that mode. 

Across the track, a poignant piece of alternative hip-hop, the seven contributors weigh up everything from the accolades which have been bestowed on them over the years, their motive and their future. “That uncomfortable title we were given one day / We are still abashed by being called the best,” Suga raps because the gliding melodies of the exiting chorus get submerged in outstanding low-frequency bass. 

The humble spirit that the crew continues to be recognized for colours their musings, with them, frequently shrugging off the grand implications connected to the monikers which are frequently used to consult them (record breakers, records makers and lots of more). The ruminations on ‘Yet To Come’ don’t simply cast an eye back to the past, however additionally choose up on a number of the topics which have remained steady throughout BTS’ work so far. 

As they rap and sing their story, they touch on the perception of youth, growth (“Heading towards the day / More like ourselves”) and getting a dream (“Do you have a dream? What’s the end of that path?”). 

BTS won’t be some distance away, just like ‘Yet To Come’ tells us, the most beautiful moment in life will keep on morphing into new peaks and, as Jungkook’s silky vow of “Promise that we’ll keep on coming back for more” suggests. 

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