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Jan. 6 hearing: Key takeaways from the very first hearing

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One individual more than every other set in motion the deadly attack at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. The committee investigating the rampage argued at its first public hearing, Thursday. And that individual is Donald Trump

He sparked the rebellion in the Capitol and almost shredded American democracy in pursuit of power. The House Jan. 6 committee contended in what is going to serve as the opening argument in a weeks-long attempt to make a case to the public. 

Members of the committee set out to give an explanation for a multilayered scheme to overturn the 2020 election and nullify hundreds of thousands of votes cast for Joe Biden. The committee rolled out the never-before-seen videos of interviews with Trump’s internal circle and a picture of the siege on the Capitol. 

But in the back of all the production was an ordinary message. Trump fed the lie that the election was stolen, and stoked anger amongst his supporters who stormed the Capitol. After which did nothing whilst lawmakers, aides and family members implored him to prevent the attack. 

These are the takeaways from the primary hearing: 

Trump was fixated on politics, as rioters stormed the Capitol

Trump believed that his supporters “have been doing what they need to be doing,” Cheney said. Indeed, the rebellion was, in a few sense, the inevitable consequence of his plan to sow doubts about the election results and convince Americans that he legitimately won, as per the Committee. 

The committee painted Pence as an unlikely hero

Yet, in critical ways, Pence was in charge that day. He was in the building presiding over the counting of electoral votes whilst the mob broke through police lines. Secret Service dealers rushed Pence to protection as rioters roamed the Capitol. 

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Trump’s appointees worried he was unfit to govern, and threatened to quit

Trump’s behaviour was so worrying that his Cabinet considered whether or not he needed to be removed. Cabinet members mentioned invoking the twenty-fifth Amendment to the Constitution, a vehicle for replacing a president. 

Thus, one unnamed Cabinet member advised that, in the face of Trump’s behaviour, all of them start playing an extra direct role in running both the White House and the administration. 

Future hearings will showcase other parts of Trump’s strategy to stay in power

The hearing served as somewhat of a teaser. Over the approaching weeks, the panel plans to keep at least six more public hearings and flesh out numerous pieces of the plot to keep Trump in power. 

Another hearing will monitor how Trump desired to fire senior Justice Department officers who refused to comply with his commands. Hence, “simply say the election became corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen.”

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