Elvish Yadav Believes The Rave Party and Snake Poison Accusations Are Baseless; Maneka Gandhi Responds

Elvish Yadav, a YouTuber who was arrested by the Noida Police on Friday for using snake venom at rave parties, issued a statement rejecting all accusations and promising cooperation with the UP Police. BJP MP Maneka Gandhi, whose NGO lodged the charge against the popular influencer, made a statement asking why Elvish Yadav was on the run if he was not guilty.”This is a wildlife crime, a grade 1 crime, seven years in prison.” When their venom is extracted, king cobras die. Their venom is used to digest food. They can’t consume anything without the poison, so they die. The country has extremely few cobras and pythons. It is a crime to own, catch, or use them,” Maneka Gandhi told news stations.

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Maneka Gandhi speculated that this may be part of a larger scheme.

Maneka Gandhi, who demanded Elvish Yadav’s immediate arrest, claimed her NGO had been watching Elvish Yadav for a long time since he utilized snakes in his YouTube videos. “Then we discovered that they sell snake venom,” Maneka Gandhi continued.

Maneka Gandhi responded to Elvish Yadav’s claim of innocence by asking, “That’s why he’s absconding?” “People will do anything to stay in the news,” Maneka Gandhi stated.

“Snake venom causes liver and kidney failure, which causes dizziness in the brain.” As a result, you feel dizzy,” Maneka Gandhi stated.

‘I was shocked to see…’: Elvish Yadav issues a statement

Elvish Yadav stated that all claims are completely false and fabricated. Elvish stated in a statement, “I will accept responsibility if even 1% of my involvement in this is proven.” The media should likewise refrain from defaming me till my role is investigated.” Elvish responded to Maneka Gandhi’s accusation against him by tweeting, “Shocked to see such people sitting on such posts.” She should be prepared to apologize if she accuses me in this manner.”

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How Elvish Yadav’s name became associated with rave party claims

According to the People For Animals complaint, Maneka Gandhi’s NGO called Elvish Yadav and requested him to organize a rave party and obtain Cobra venom. “Elvish provided us with the name of a man named Rahul, whom we contacted.” He claimed he could arrange for the poison to be delivered wherever we wanted. He then brought the Venom to Sector 51 Banquet Hall. According to the complaint, “the Noida police, along with the DFO, then emerged at the venue and arrested the organizers.” Elvish Yadav was one of the five individuals detained.

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