Patanjali Misleading Ads: Court ordered Ramdev Baba to appear In-person!

Patanjali Misleading Ads Case Update: The court ordered Patanjali Ayurveda to stop marketing its goods on February 27 and to wait for more orders.

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On Tuesday, the Supreme Court ordered Baba Ramdev and Patanjali Ayurveda Director Acharya Balkrishna to appear in person. This was part of contempt proceedings involving Patanjali’s ‘misleading’ advertisement.

The court took issue with the company’s failure to reply to its notice of its breach of the agreement. Patanjali promised the court not to ease any advertisements for its products in the agreement.

The Supreme Court also handed Ramdev Baba a notice to show cause why contempt proceedings should not be instituted against him.

On February 27, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) filed a complaint against the company for publishing misleading advertisements. On this, the court prohibited Patanjali Ayurveda from promoting its products till further directives were issued. The court further ordered Patanjali to refrain from making statements disparaging “any system of medicine”.

At the time, Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah said, “The entire country has been taken for a ride.” You closed your eyes!… You’ve been waiting for this vital thing for two years despite the Drugs Act explicitly prohibiting it?

All about Patanjali Misleading Ads Case

Image showing the Patanjali misleading ads as banned

Patanjali Ayurved’s advertisements targeted allopathic drugs despite agreeing to stay away from them in court in November last year. In November 2023, the company said that no casual statements claiming effectiveness in treatment or opposing any medical system would be given to the media in any form.

The Indian Medical Association submitted a plea to the Supreme Court in August 2022. Patanjali issued an advertisement, prompting this. The title of the advertising that landed the corporation in legal problems was “MISCONCEPTIONS SPREAD BY ALLOPATHY: SAVE YOURSELF AND THE COUNTRY FROM THE MISCONCEPTIONS SPREAD BY PHARMA AND MEDICAL INDUSTRY.”

Furthermore, according to the petitions, Baba Ramdev has described allopathy as a “stupid and bankrupt science” in numerous instances. Moreover, Baba Ramdev has repeatedly maintained that many deaths during COVID-19 were caused by allopathic treatment. Furthermore, the Indian Medical Association says Baba Ramdev increased vaccine hesitancy during the COVID-19 pandemic by circulating false information.

According to the Indian Medical Association, attacks on modern medicine through the constant spread of disinformation go hand in hand with Patanjali’s efforts to make false claims about the healing of numerous diseases with Patanjali goods.

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