Nvidia Created a New Processor for the Generative AI Era

B200 Blackwell: According to Bloomberg, Nvidia unveiled its latest and most powerful AI chip, the B200 ‘Blackwell,’ on 18th March in the company’s annual GTC 2024 conference in San Jose, California. This is in an effort to solidify its position as the dominant force in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry. The B200 ‘Blackwell’ chip is a new processor designed to speed up AI workloads like training and inference.

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It combines two massive silicon squares, each containing 208 billion transistors, into a single component, resulting in unprecedented performance and efficiency. The introduction of the ‘Blackwell’ chip aims to extend Nvidia’s dominance in the rapidly growing AI computing market, which has fueled the company’s meteoric rise to become the world’s third-most valuable company, trailing only Microsoft and Apple, according to the report.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announced the new AI chip at an event in San Jose, California
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announced the new AI chip at an event in San Jose, California @Bloomberg

What is Nvidia?

Nvidia, a leading technology company that specializes in graphics processing units (GPUs) and AI computing, is the driving force behind the ‘Blackwell’ chip. CEO Jensen Huang, an industry visionary, oversaw the development and introduction of the new chip. Nvidia unveiled the ‘Blackwell’ chip at its annual developer conference, GTC 2024, held in San Jose, California, known as ‘The Heart of Silicon Valley’.

According to Huang, the ‘Blackwell’ chip outpaces its predecessor by being “30 times faster and speedier at some tasks.” It is design to power the next generation of AI applications, including advanced chatbots, 3D modeling, and even humanoid robots. Moreover he added, “I hope you realize this is not a concert.”

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