Harley-Davidson Nightster Special is Discounted By Rs 5.30 Lakh

    Harley-Davidson has stated that it would be providing Christmas discounts on a variety of its models, the greatest of which is Rs 5.30 lakh. These discounts are available just while supplies last. 

    The Pan America 1250 Special adventure tourer has the smallest discount, at Rs 3.25 lakh. This brings the price down to Rs 21.24 lakh. A similar reduction is offered on the Sportster S, which now costs Rs 15.54 lakh. 

    The Nightster in the Sportster series is now available with a Rs 5.25 lakh reduction, bringing the price down to Rs 12.24 lakh. The newly announced Nightster Special boasts the company’s greatest discount, equivalent to Rs 5.30 lakh. This brings the price down to Rs 12.99 lakh. 

    These are 2023 MY units, and you can learn more about the complete Indian Harley-Davidson big-bike series here.

    Harley-Davidson Nightster Special is Discounted By Rs 5.30 Lakh, Axpert Media

    Discounts are also available on 2022 MY Harley-Davidson large motorcycles. After a Rs 4.30 lakh reduction, the 2022 Nightster costs Rs 10.69 lakh. The 2022 Sportster S is now available for Rs 12.06 lakh, down from Rs 16.51 lakh, representing a Rs 4.45 lakh reduction. Finally, the 2022 Pan America Special is offered for Rs 16.09 lakh, a Rs 4.90 lakh savings from its original price of Rs 20.99 lakh.

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    All prices are ex-showroom and in Indian rupees.

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