In Midst Of A Video Scandal, ‘Kulhad Pizza’ Couple Asks For Public Support

    The young culinary couple from Jalandhar in Punjab rose to prominence after a video of them serving pizzas became popular on social media. This week, they became parents.

    Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur of Punjab’s ‘Kulhad Pizza’ fame have pleaded for public support in the aftermath of a viral video reportedly depicting them in a compromising situation. The couple, who recently became parents, claimed the encounter was the result of an extortion attempt and that the viral footage was “morphed.”

    “You may have seen a video of us….it is completely fake.” The reason for its virality is that 15 days ago, we received a message on Instagram about an extortion bid along with the video….the miscreant claimed they would make a video viral if the demand was not met….but we did not give in to the demand and reported the incident to the police…,” Sehaj wrote on his official Instagram account on Thursday.

    In Midst Of A Video Scandal, ‘Kulhad Pizza’ Couple Asks For Public Support, Axpert Media

    He went on to say that after filing the case, the couple got busy since they were parents a few days later. “…in the meantime, the video went viral…”It’s fake and was most likely created using artificial intelligence,” he stated, urging the public to respect the couple’s privacy.

    ‘a home enveloped in grief’

    A very disturbed Sehaj made another appeal in a second video, imploring people to stop sharing the film. “…a home where there should have been celebrations is now engulfed in distress and sorrow…” he said, describing the incident.

    As the incident gained attention, some social media users came out in support of the couple, calling the incident disgraceful and unpleasant. The couple’s Instagram videos have received over two lakh views, however, the comments have been disabled.

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    The young culinary couple from Jalandhar in Punjab rose to prominence in 2022 after a video of them selling pizzas went viral on social media. Since then, the couple has amassed a sizable social media following, with Sehaj having more than 9 lakh followers and Gurpreet having about 5 lakh followers on their individual Instagram pages.

    On Tuesday, the couple announced their pregnancy with a video on their Facebook page.

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