In Order to Attract Musk’s Tesla, Central Government is Considering Cutting EV tariffs

    According to the Financial Times, which cited sources, the manufacturer has requested an initial tariff reduction that would balance India’s high customs taxes of 70% for cars under USD 40,000 and 100% for automobiles exceeding USD 40,000.

    In Order to Attract Musk’s Tesla, Central Government is Considering Cutting EV tariffs, Axpert Media

    “Their approach has always been that they seek some tariff adjustments, at least in the interim.” One of the officials stated that “it ought to have some kind of sunset clause.”

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    Tesla requested the concession as a requirement for building a facility in the nation. All EV producers would benefit from the lower tariffs.

    According to the newspaper, authorities claimed that the lower rate under discussion would be 15% for EVs of all prices, but that the policy had not yet been decided upon within the administration.

    “We aim to arrive up with a package that is suitable for India and not something specific for one company.” Others who satisfy these requirements may take advantage of this opportunity.” one of the officials noted.

    According to a September report, Tesla intends to develop a battery storage factory in India and has filed a request to the authorities.

    During recent conversations, the electric car maker suggested that the government use its ‘Powerwall’ to supplement the country’s battery storage capabilities.

    Musk also intends to establish a Tesla supply infrastructure in India.

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