Is Salaar 3 in the works? Prabhas and Prashanth Neel’s Salaar 2 is likely to finish on a cliffhanger

Prabhas’ action extravaganza, directed by Prashant Neel, has now hit the small screens of OTT and is available on Netflix.While most people enjoyed Salaar, the most common criticism or comment was that it was difficult to understand Prashant Neel’s complex cosmos.

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Prashant Neel has also said in a few interviews that he should have made it a bit simpler to grasp, asserting that any unanswered concerns will be resolved in Salaar Part 2: Shouryanga Parvam.

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To commemorate the film’s OTT release, Prashant Neel’s wife Likitha took to Instagram to host a Q&A session, inviting fans to submit questions about it. There were several congratulatory remarks, as well as a few simple questions with clear answers. However, certain questions got intriguing responses from Likitha Neel.

For example, when asked if there would be a Part 3 to Prabhas’ Salaar, Likitha Neel did not deny it, saying, “We’ll have to see at the end of Shouryanga Parvam.” 

Another user were curious about Akhil Akkineni’s participation in Shouryanga Parvam, to which Likitha replied, “That is purely a rumor.”

Likitha also looks to be Prashant’s biggest fan, since she has seen Salaar Part 1 multiple times and understands each character’s link and role in Khansaar’s world. Nonetheless, Likitha joked that she had a book filled with unanswered questions. 

A fan also inquired for a cameo appearance by Prashant Neel in Shouryanga Parvam, similar to how Rajamouli appeared in Baahubali, to which Likitha playfully answered, “Not even his shadow will be present in the film.” 

Likitha ultimately closed the Q&A session after revealing just enough for admirers to go crazy with conjecture. Part 3 is absolutely possible, given the number of unsolved questions in Part 1. Will Part 2 be sufficient to cover all of the answers? We’ll have to wait and see.

More on Salaar Part 2

It appears that Prashant Neel and his team have already shot certain scenes for the film, including the classic Dinosaur speech delivered by Tinnu Anand ji. While many anticipated the moment to appear in Salaar Part 1, it appears to be part of Part 2. Even some of the gun shootout sequences, like the one featured in the trailer, appear to be from Part 2. This indicates that Shouryanga Parvam will use a non-linear script that jumps across timelines. 

Since the release of Salaar, the filmmakers have not commenced filming on the sequel. The team is presently relishing the film’s success, and a success party was recently hosted in Bengaluru for the main actors. It is anticipated to go on floors once Prabhas has completed his other obligations. The actor is now filming Kalki 2898 AD, as well as his horror-comedy with director Maruthi.

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