Israel News: India offers a ’emergency hotline’ for nationals in Palestine

    Israel-Palestine War News: On Saturday, India’s Representative Office in Palestine encouraged all Indian nationals in Ramallah to call the office immediately in case of an emergency or if assistance is required, while also offering a 24-hour emergency number. 

    In a post on X (formerly Twitter), India’s Representative Office to Palestine stated, “Public Notice In light of the prevailing security situation, Indian nationals in Palestine are able to reach the Representative Office of India to address any case of emergency or necessary assistance on the 24-hour Emergency Helpline: Jawwal: 0592-916418, WhatsApp: 970-59291641.”

    On Saturday, Hamas unleashed the worst attack on Israel in years, combining militants crossing the border with a massive bombardment of missiles fired from Gaza during the hallowed Jewish festival of Simchat Torah.

    In reaction to the Gaza incident, Israel launched ‘Operation Iron Swords,’ sending fighter planes to perform airstrikes on Hamas sites in Gaza.

    Israel News: India offers a ’emergency hotline’ for nationals in Palestine, Axpert Media

    Following the missile incident, India issued a caution to its citizens in Israel, advising them to stay attentive and follow safety measures.  

    “In light of the present scenario in Israel, all Indian nationals in Israel are asked to remain vigilant and comply with local authorities’ safety protocols.” “Please use caution, avoid unnecessary movement, and remain near safety shelters,” the message went on to say. 

    “For additional details, visit the Israeli Home Front Command website ( or their preparedness brochure.” In the instance of an emergency, please contact 97235226748 or “The Embassy personnel stay available to you for any further assistance,” it went on to say. 

    In his initial words following Hamas’ unprecedented attack on Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, “We are at war.” 

    Netanyahu’s remarks in a televised broadcast are his first since Hamas authorities in Gaza started a huge, multi-front offensive on Israel at dawn Saturday. 

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    He ordered a reservist call-up and pledged that Hamas would “pay a price it hasn’t known until now.” “We’re at war,” Netanyahu declared. “Not a ‘operation,’ not a ’round,’ but at war.”

    The prime minister has also directed the military to cleanse infiltrated communities of Hamas militants who are still fighting Israeli forces.

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