Jinping is under house arrest, and China has experienced a military takeover! Verify the facts here

Xi Jinping is under house arrest, and China has experienced a military takeover! Verify the facts here

Six individuals have been sentenced, including two ministers and four senior officials. This is part of China’s anti-corruption drive before of a major gathering next month. When it is anticipated that XI Jinping will win a historic third term.

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No official confirmation from the country’s ruling Chinese Communist Party or state media has yet been received, despite several social media posts suggesting that President Xi Jinping is now under house arrest and no longer serves as the leader of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Rumours On Social Media

On Twitter, rumours of a military takeover and PLA trucks advancing into the capital Beijing are circulating, and Xi’s supposed house detention is also being mentioned.

Xi Jinping recently met with world leaders at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit in Uzbekistan, where he also met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On September 22, another Twitter user claimed to have pictures of PLA military trucks travelling to Beijing. “On September 22, #PLA military trucks will travel to #Beijing. The entire procession was up to 80 kilometres long, beginning in Huanlai County in Beijing and ended in Zhangjiakou City in the Hebei Province. According to rumours, #XiJinping was detained when #CCP top members ousted him as leader of the PLA (sic) “a Jennifer Zeng tweeted.

Flight Cancelled In Mass Numbers

There are rumours that there aren’t any commercial aircraft flying over Beijing today. Aside from the military takeover and XI’s purported house detention.

Aadil Brar, an Indian journalist who focuses mostly on China, said that XI may be under quarantine. After returning from Uzbekistan and that the Chinese President is not participating in public events.

Rumoured Reason Behind This

There have been rumours that XI has been placed under house arrest. In the wake of China’s execution of two former ministers earlier this week. The two ministers and four other individuals who received life sentences belonged to a “political group,” according to specifics.

In China’s anti-corruption campaign before of a major meeting next month. Where it is expected that XI will win an unprecedented third term, six individuals have been sentenced to jail.

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