Kerala to Gulf Passenger Ship Service: Game-Changer for Expats

The much-anticipated Kerala-Gulf passenger ship project has taken a significant stride forward, heralding a new era of travel convenience for Gulf-based expatriates. The Kerala Maritime Board’s call for applications to operate passenger ship services between various ports in Kerala and the Gulf has sparked optimism among the diaspora.

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Expats, burdened by soaring airfares, especially from Gulf countries to Kerala and other parts of India, stand to benefit immensely from this initiative. With air travel expenses skyrocketing, the prospect of a more economical alternative is a welcome relief. The ticket price for the shipping service is pegged at a reasonable Rs 10,000 per person, offering a more accessible option for travel. Additionally, passengers are allowed a generous luggage allowance of 200 kg, ensuring they can carry their belongings without worry.

The vessels earmarked for the service boast modern amenities and ample capacity, capable of accommodating up to 1,250 passengers per trip. This reassures travellers of a comfortable and enjoyable journey, free from the uncertainties and expenses associated with air travel.

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The initiative, discussed in an online meeting last November between the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, the Shipping Corporation of India, NORKA ROOTS, and the Kerala Maritime Board, has now materialized into a tangible opportunity for interested parties to operate ships of various sizes.

While the project had been in the works for some time, recent developments, including invitations for ship operation applications, indicate a renewed momentum towards its realization. The involvement of key stakeholders such as the Indian Association of Sharjah underscores the collaborative effort driving this endeavor forward.

Anticipation among expatriates is palpable, with hopes pinned on the new leadership spearheading the project to prioritize its implementation. The potential benefits extend beyond cost savings, with onboard entertainment promised during the approximately three-day journey. Plans for an initial trial run before regularizing the service demonstrate a cautious yet proactive approach to ensuring its success.

Moreover, discussions are underway to explore the feasibility of extending the service to include routes between Bepore/Kochi ports in Kerala and Mina Al Rashid port in Dubai. This expansion, if realized, could further enhance connectivity and accessibility for the diaspora.

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The concerted efforts of stakeholders, including the Malabar Development Council, underscore the collective commitment to seeing this project through to fruition. Consensus-building and partnership formation have been integral to advancing the initiative, paving the way for constructive collaboration.

Inaugural meetings between the Malabar Development Council and the Kerala Maritime Board signal a proactive approach to addressing the challenges faced by expatriates. Minister Ahamad Devarkovil’s assurance of ongoing discussions and preliminary planning instils confidence in the project’s prospects.

While past attempts at establishing a passenger ship service between the UAE and Kerala may have faltered, the optimism surrounding the current proposal is unwavering. Expatriates express hope that this initiative will provide a sustainable alternative to exorbitant airfares, offering respite from the financial strain imposed by airlines.

As applications open and preparations gather pace, expatriates eagerly await the realization of this transformative venture. For those interested in participating or seeking further information, detailed instructions and contact information are available through the Kerala Maritime Board’s official channels.

You could also write to the Chief Executive Officer, Kerala Maritime Board, TC XX11/1666 (4&5), First floor, Mulamoottil Building, Pipinmoodu, Sasthamangalam, Thiruvananthapuram – 695010 to know more about the application procedure. Phone – 9544410029, Email – 

The Kerala-Gulf passenger ship service represents a significant leap forward in addressing the travel needs of expatriates, promising affordability, accessibility, and convenience in equal measure.

Disclaimer: The above information is a result of research and Axpert Media is not responsible for errors in the same.

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