KRK asks Ashish Vidyarthi about his religion and says, “Kuch To Sharam Kar Lete”

Kamaal R Khan is currently being chastised for his criticism of renowned actor Ashish Vidyarthi, who married at the age of 60.

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In his most recent tweets, Kamaal R Khan chastised veteran Bollywood star Ashish Vidyarthi. Ashish is now making headlines for marrying at the age of 60. He is married for the second time. KRK harshly criticized Ashish in his tweet while applauding him. “Congratulations to 60-year-old actor Ashish Vidyarthi on his second marriage,” he wrote. Bhaisaab, Kucch to Sharam Kar lete!”

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KRK also questioned Ashish Vidyarthi’s faith, presuming he did not divorce his first wife Rajoshi Vidyarthi. “According to the Hindu marriage act, #AshishVidyarthi cannot marry again while his first wife is still alive,” Kamaal K Khan stated. So, like Dharam Ji and Mahesh Bhatt, he must have changed his faith in order to marry again. So, could you please tell me what his new name is now?”

KRK asks Ashish Vidyarthi Kuch To Sharam Kar Lete

People expressed their support for Ashish Vidyarthi after reading his tweets. According to a netizen, Ashish had previously divorced his first wife. Others heavily mocked KRK. “Jealous much?” one user said. “Waqt kuch toh sharam kar lete, Deshdrohi banate.”

“Man needs woman, and woman needs man,” someone told KRK. That is nature. What is the meaning of Sharam? Instead of an unwelcome romance, he married like a gentleman. “Kuch tho Sharam karlo bai” (for your post of envy).

Another response says, “Getting married at any age is not a shameful act.” Being in a disloyal unlawful relationship (which happens all the time) is humiliating and shameful. If you can’t say something kind and pleasant at someone else’s happy and joyful times, it’s best to stay silent.”

For 23 years, Ashish Vidyarthi was married to actor and singer Rajoshi. They have a son together, Arth Vidyarthi. Ashish just married fashion entrepreneur Rupali Barua, who is from Assam.

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