Laapata Ladies Movie Review

Kiran Rao directed Laapataa Ladies released in theaters today on 1st March 2024, received an amazing response from audiences.

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About Laapataa Ladies 

When it comes to the story, it is set in the fictional state of Nirmal Pradesh in Madhya Pradesh in the year 2001. The story begins with a wedding, where the groom Deepak (played by Sparsh) sets out with his bride Nitaanshi to his home. During this journey, he also has to travel by train. 

As the sequence of the film reaches the train, it becomes apparent that it is the wedding season. There are two more bride and groom pairs present on the train. Deepak mistakenly brings another bride, Pushpa (played by Pratibha Ranta), to his home, leaving his own wife behind on the train. Pushpa realizes that Deepak is not with her. She manages to save herself by claiming the station as her home. 

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Meanwhile, the other groom files a report against his wife at the police station, claiming that his wife’s name is Jaya and she has run away with lakhs worth of jewelry. When the bride reaches Deepak, why is she claiming her name to be Pushpa instead of Jaya? Is Jaya involved in any crime? If not, then why is she hiding her true identity? The film delves into these questions and unfolds the mystery further.

Awareness of the Prada: Laapataa Ladies

In the quiet folds of small-town life, where secrets are whispered and honor is guarded like a precious jewel, there exists a delicate fabric that weaves together tradition, mystery, and rebellion. This fabric is the parda.

The Mask of Silence

Parda, in its translucent garb, dances between light and shadow. It conceals more than just faces; it shrouds stories, whispers, and clandestine affairs. Behind its delicate folds lie both honor and grave secrets. To lift the veil is to expose vulnerability, to risk judgment, and to confront truths that may unravel the very fabric of society.

Kiran Rao’s Bold Narrative

Enter Kiran Rao, a storyteller unafraid of tugging at the threads of convention. In her latest creation, ‘Laapataa Ladies’, she dares to be-parda the very system that has held generations captive. 

Two brides, two women, bound by tradition yet yearning for freedom, take center stage. Their laughter echoes through narrow alleys, their dreams clash with societal norms, and their love defies expectations.

The Hilarious Small-Town Drama

Laapataa Ladies unfolds against the backdrop of an old town, where gossip flows like monsoon rain. Pratibha Ranta and Nitanshi Goel, as the spirited brides, breathe life into their characters. Sparsh Shrivastava adds comic relief, while Ravi Kishan’s stern gaze hints at deeper complexities. The theater seats will shake with laughter as the audience witnesses the absurdity of tradition and the resilience of the human spirit.

Lifting the Mask on Social Issues

But this film is more than just laughter and drama. Kiran Rao, with the help of writers Sneha Desai, Biplab Goswami, and Divyanidhi Sharma, masterfully conceals several social issues within the folds of her narrative. She urges us to look beyond the surface, to lift the veil, and see the cracks in our societal norms. From gender bias to caste discrimination, Laapataa Ladies invites us to question, to empathize, and to demand change.

Will You Lift the Veil?

As the curtains rise today on March 1, we are faced with a choice.

Will we remain behind the parda, content with half-truths and whispered secrets? 

Or will we join Kiran Rao’s rebellious brides, tear down the fabric of tradition, and expose the follies that bind us?

Laapataa Ladies beckons. Ready to uncover these mysteries?

Laapataa Ladies Movie Review

One user wrote, “Today, I went to the theater to experience Kiran Rao’s new movie, “Laapataa Ladies” I was stunned when I watched the movie. The performances, storytelling, humor, and social messages were outstanding. Initially, I wasn’t very interested in seeing her new movie, considering Kiran Rao had directed only one movie in her career, “Dhobi Ghat.” However, knowing that she is Aamir Khan’s ex-wife and has been a co-director, writer, and producer of many good films, I decided to give it a try.

Let’s talk about the movie. The cast is entirely new; actors and actresses are all new faces to me. But they gave their best in the movie, especially Pratibha Ranta and Ravi Kishan. The social message part of the movie was really good, highlighting how women were treated like servants or slaves. They showed various issues, including agricultural problems, that exist in India.

The movie is set in the 20s era when mobile phones were just introduced in India, and the only game was the snake game on Nokia mobiles, so there was no internet, no Gen Z, and no adult scenes. It was a purely cinematic experience. The girl who stole my heart is Nitanshi Goel. She is so cute, man. I loved her. She is now added to my crush list.”

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