Meet The Village Where A Doctor May Be Found In Practically Every Home

The success story of Gharivali began in 2000 when Sanjay Patil became the village’s first MBBS degree holder. His success influenced several young people to seek the career 

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Even as the tragic deaths of 18 patients – 10 from outside Thane city and four from Kalyan-Dombivli – in less than 24 hours at Kalwa Hospital highlight the district’s lack of good public health infrastructure, a small village on the district’s outskirts stands out for a remarkable achievement.

Twenty of the 30 households in Gharivali hamlet, on the fringes of Kalyan-Dombivli, already have a certified doctor, and five more have aspiring physicians who are scheduled to finish their MBBS degree in the coming years. The achievement earned the hamlet the moniker Doctorancha Gaav (a village of physicians).

Medical infrastructure on the outskirts of Kalyan-Dombivli is minimal, and inhabitants must drive at least five kilometers to the nearest private hospital at Dombivli station in the event of an emergency. Even now, primary healthcare centers are scarce, and those that do exist are inadequately equipped.

The success story of Gharivali began in 2000 when Sanjay Patil became the village’s first MBBS degree holder. His success prompted more young people to seek the job. Dr. Patil attended a Zilla Parishad school and received a scholarship to finish his degree. Surprisingly, virtually all of the village’s physicians attended local schools before continuing their studies abroad.

“When I was young, I thought that if any person in pain goes to a doctor and the doctor solves all his problems, then the doctor is almost like a god,” Dr Patil, 48, said. How lovely is this profession? You may make money, get respect, and receive blessings all at the same time.”

Dr. Patil lost his father after finishing his HSC, and his brother assisted him in achieving his goals. “There was barely any help in the 1990s because there was barely anybody to guide me,” he said. “I am pleased that I can now accompany young people from my village on their journey.” “There are five doctors in my direct and extended family,” he boasted.

Manoj Patil, who completed his Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS), was one of the persons Dr. Patil motivated to pursue a career in medicine. “Dr. Sanjay Patil inspired all of us.” Our village has gone through many ups and downs throughout the years. My father’s generation worked at a local plant, which abruptly shut down one day, leaving the hamlet in the dark. We were concerned about how we would survive. Some began driving rickshaws, while others worked as laborers and in brick kilns. My father encouraged me to be a doctor because he was inspired by Dr. Patil. “Our village is now known as Doctor’s Village because all of our parents worked hard for us to become doctors,” said Manoj, 38.

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Aishwarya Patil, the village’s youngest MBBS graduate, is now pursuing an MD degree. “My family and other villagers do not treat us like many others treat their girls,” she explained. This is one of the nicest elements of my village; they encourage both boys’ and girls’ education equally.”

Subhash Patil, 50, a former village sarpanch, is pleased with the residents’ accomplishments. “Everyone feels that if Sanjay Patil can do it, then why can’t others?” Others have also completed their medical courses in this manner.” Patil now plans to build a hospital where local physicians may come and treat the poor for free.

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